Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday--February 3, 2012

Now that the bulk of the recruiting is over, it's fun to speculate on how we did. All the usual disclaimers apply. Some recruits probably won't make it past the admissions office. Some won't adapt to the college game.

The various recruiting services have different standards. The troubles of five-star recruits are well known.

But it is usually possible in a macro sense to determine how things went for a school. You take Gardner-Webb's recruits. I'll take Ohio State's. I'll win the game.

ESPN lists 25 UMass recruits with a total of 20 stars.

In 2011, ESPN listed 25 recruits with a total of 10 stars.

A Toledo fan looks at the results from the entire MAC.

Where we came from:

Maine 4 stars

UNH two stars.

Rhode Island 0 stars.

TSN says the best FCS class was recruited by James Madison.

ESPN lists JMU with 11 players and 14 stars.


Lots of Victor Cruz articles:

Victor is a Latin sensation.

The Wall Street Journal says the Giants added Salsa to their offense.

USA Today looks at players from the Giants and the Pats who were undrafted or cut by other teams.


James Ihedigbo says he's playing for his family.

Ihidigbo and Cruz are friends.

NBC says Ihedigbo has emerged as a leader in the Pats secondary.


The Boston Globe does a Super Bowl predictions roundup including a rhinoceros and an ostrich .



Anonymous said...

the only thing i can say is that coach molnar and his staff have done more work in the first two mounths at umass than most coaches do in a year.

Anonymous said...

Julian Talley, WR, UMass is in the Players All-Star Classic being played today (Saturday) in Little Rock. Variuos scouting websites (,, have praised what he has done in practice this week. Nothing on the UMass site about him, though.