Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Recruiting 2012--Cameron Mock

UMass reported on signing day  Cameron Mock, a 6-7 305 pd OL from Clayton, NM will be joining the Minutemen in 2012.

First Team All-State as an offensive lineman and second team All State as defensive lineman.

Mock was team captain of both football and basketball teams.


Anonymous said...

Ok how about this Frank..... He looks slow even against high school players... Can he move quick enough at the top level? Now post this.....Lets not believe every recruit is a savior because of the new coaching staff,,,

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that every recruit was looked at as a saviour. I didn't think that every kid in the 2012 recruiting class coming out of high school would be starting at the college level. I thought they were evaluated according to their potential. I see a lot of potential in this kid. As for slow, I'm glad he's not coming after me!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a problem with the new coaching staff? Surely they know more about what it takes to play college ball than we do.

Anonymous said...

Look at the comments of past recruiting classes, and you will not see the same level of excitement that you see now,,,I don't see any significant difference between this class and past classes. As for coming after you, I hope you're not faster than the slowest college level ball player... As for savior, yes, maybe a better chosen word was needed, but the point being, the recruiters are telling a lot of these kids they are expected to step into starting positions (It is theirs to lose). QB,DE,DT, and a few others. A great recruiting pitch iI am sure,,,, I hope they all succeed and UMass succeeds, but lets keep everything in perspective... As for knowledge about playing ball, No, not as much as the coaches.,Does anyone here? As for the level of knowledge, if that is a requirement than shut the blog down today because we are all just spouting BS,,,