Friday, February 03, 2012

Recruiting 2012---Trye Dudley-Giles II

Willie Allen image
I've blogged about Trey Dudley-Giles before.

There's been a couple of articles about his signing with UMass.

Tampa Bay Online says it didn't take him long to adapt.

The Tampa Bay Times tells why he chose UMass.

Bay New 9 has another story about Trey's signing and mentions a recruit UMass was interested in at one time QB Jacob Guy.


Anonymous said...

this is big time, trey dudley-giles is a stud.... he adds to a heck of a class

Anonymous said...

Good thing it hasn't been remotely cold in MA.

Anonymous said...

The coaching staff have done great work in the short amount of time in their tenure. I would say that some credit should also go to the former staff. Seems like a good foundation on which to proceed. I'm wondering if there will be additional offers in the next few weeks?

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,

Thank you very much for the well informed insights and reporting throughout the winter. Your best year yet in covering the recruiting trail. Kudos to your readers who also contribute. This is a great blog.