Thursday, February 02, 2012

Recruiting 2012--Khary Bailey-Smith

Jim Mahoney/Boston Herald image
UMass announced yesterday that Khary Bailey-Smith, a 6-2 190 pd WR from Weymouth HS signed a letter of intent to play with the Minutemen.

The Patriot Ledger has a story on his signing here.

ESPN All-State.

This article from the Patriot Ledger features him.

Bailey-Smith has high jumped 6'10".

He just misses a 7'0" state record high jump in the above video.


Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

Well signing day has come and now we hope that all of these players continue to grow and get to school without any problems and can be here this summer.

Spoke with a former player who lives in EMass and has seen each of our 3 MA players who are coming on board.

Would start by saying that pretty much everyone of these new players is probably around 18 y/o and 18 y/o's do not always make great decisions so we hope they do but history shows some won't.

As for the QB he is supposed to be a more athletic version of Liam Coen. Big, strong w/ a very good arm and a pretty decent amount of athleticism who can run and move in the pocket. He played for a team that payed just about anyone and did well. If he is as described then we have a very good QB coming here since we thought until he got beat up some that Coen was an outstanding QB for us.

The RB/LB comes from a program that pretty much beats up everyone they play and he was the only RB used in their spread offense. On offense he was known for being both physical, quicker than expected and pretty fast. As good as he was on offense he was supposed to be really good as a LB. Best of all he is supposed to be the kind of player who could put on a weight and still be a good player. Hope so since watching any MAC game it seemed that if you could get guys to the ball you would lose out in some high scoring affair.

The WR is supposed to really be something as well. State champ in high jump is one thing but when you are a junior and high jumping 6'10 well that puts you in a whole different class. Being 6'1-6'2 and 175-180 sounds like very good size and when combined with this kind of athleticism he would seem to be the kind of player we are looking for. Especially when mnatched up with a big thrower for a QB.

Spoke with some of those from NJ and the LB who injured his knee is supposed to be back all the way and could turn into a very good OLB or maybe even a DE. Seems he brings some attitude and has the frame to fill out some.

Not sure if we ever have had a player on the team from Hawaii but this might be a first for us. From the biggest and most successfull team out there. School is also pretty noteworthy for their grad's too - - - like President Obama for one. Will be interesting to see if this new player can play when it gets cold.

Overall we like the sound of this class and it is obviously ofensivley oriented. Will be interesting to see how they address the defensive line. Our guess is some of these bigger LB's will be learning to play with their hand down sometimes.

Well the glass is definitely half full today.

Have a Nice Day ! ! !

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

at least for one of us it seems that he has some sort of class rage dilemna going on always just below the surface. He is on this "watch out for Akron" thing now but it is hard to argue with when these developments occur.

Bowden goes from being a down south guy to their head coach. Then they get a DC who has Florida State and NC State ties. Now they get former Ohio State HC Jim Tressel as some sort of athletic administrator.

Who is the most noteworthy Akron alum who is behind this??????

This school has never acted this way and now all of sudden and out of the blue they are making these bigger hires (and probably big $$$$$ hires as well).

Would offer that Akron is going to become very quickly the black sheep in the MAC if these kinds of hires are any indication of where they are going.

As my daughter likes to say "Just Sayin"

Anonymous said...

Well another great class for us number wise. My only concern is that we keep talking about the reciever that is a high jump specialist. Dont be fooled or mislead my someone ability to jump high, Vic cruz , Jermery Horne Julian Talley and Anthony Nelson was not high jump specialist or sprinters..they were great receivers! Watching film on ALL of the receivers in this class none of them will play early. They all are really good football players with high school bodies. Their 190 lbs are not the same as a junior or senior 190lbs.
Most of our recruits had only one offer(umass)so plesae dont try to sale this as a big time class. The coaching staff did an outstanding job with the amount of time they had to put this class together.
I look forward to see these young men arrive on campus and get into the weightroom.

The mac is a tough league however i believe we can and will be just fine there. im thinking and hoping for 6 wins , maybe even more!

Anonymous said...

Top row!

Dont worry about Akron, it s none of your business whats going on there. Terry Boweden is a great coach and came from a great family.
Once a gain you are in someone else business!

Anonymous said...

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