Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday News --- 02/28/09

Had a great time at the UMass Football Banquet last night. I'll try to have some images up tomorrow.


Rhode Island promoted from within yesterday as the Rams appointed DC/Assistant Head Coach Joe Trainer the 19th HC at Rhody.


Josh Buchanan's "Small School" NFL draft list.


Mike's UMassHoops site has a thread about UMass football Jerseys being available at Dicks in Hadley Mall. Supposedly they are on sale for $45. My birthday is next month. I'll have to mention this to Mrs. Blog.


Liam Coen didn't get an invite to the Combine.



Anonymous said...

That banquet was a joke! the winningest team in UMass History they did not even let them eat first never mind acknowledge the great acheivements that were made It was all about the underclassmen what a way to send out a great group of kids and after talking to a few of them I know they will never come to umass for ANYTHING! Great job Morris I hope you wife enjoyed the flowers we paid for!!!

Anonymous said...

leave Coach Morris' wife out of it. what an idiot to say something like that.

Anonymous said...

How many of the seniors were actually there? Hard to acknowledge them when they don't even bother to show up.

Anonymous said...

With 8,000+ in Mullins for hockey, I believed from the start that the scheduling was thoughtless. How was the attendance?

UMass74 said...

Wow, I leave to do some "Honey Do' stuff for Mrs. Blog and the comments thread hits a new low.

I spoke with one of the UMass staff at the banquet and he said he didn't read the Blog that much because some of the comments were so off the wall.

The team has formed sub-groups that compete for total "points" for grades, weight room scores, punctuality and other stuff. The "Cowboys" are leading and were the first to hit the food line before all of us. The players seemed to be into it.

The Seniors were thanked by just about every speaker. Coach Brown contacted Coach Morris to give his best wishes to everyone.

The crowd was as big as last year. The food was excellent and you could go for seconds ---and I did.

Some seniors actually have jobs and one or two more may be at one of those NFL draft training camps.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and everyone was up beat about the coming year. Not counting, of course, those people who live in their own private universe.

I'll have some images and a report hopefully tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

as to the scheduling part of it. this banquet was planned back in late november. how were they supposed to know that the #1 hockey team in thr country would be in amherst for the night?

so get over yourself, and as noted, every speaker thanked the senior class. most of the hi-light video was about the senior class and their accomplishments too.

i am also already more confident in coach morris than i ever was in coach brown.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be an idiot if you didn't think the BU hockey game would be a big draw.

Anonymous said...

Yep. For this football and hockey season ticket holder, the school unfortunately made my decision for me about not going to the banquet.

I don't care if Merrimack was in town, don't hold a banquet at the campus center when diehard UMass fans will be at the Mullins down the hill.