Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday musings 02/16/09

This article mentions UMass recruit Jamar Smith (page 2), but the author keeps mentioning UMass and Akron in the same sentence. Last I heard, the Zips were not a FCS team.


I've blogged before about the Charlotte's 49's starting a football team. They'll start in FCS/I-AA.

To get a seat between the 30 yard lines, it will cost you $2,500 for a seat license plus a mandatory $1,500 pledge to the athletic dept. That's $4,000 and then you still have to pay for the season ticket!

It will cost you $500 plus the cost of the season ticket to sit between the 30 yard lines at Appalachian State.


This I did not know: if a team is placed on a post season ban because of violations of NCAA rules, players can transfer and be eligible to play immediately. See this article about a potential raid on Eastern Washington.

I just blogged about Eastern Washington's troubles last Friday.



Anonymous said...

Where's the dude who always complains about the athletic department's committment to football to tell us that UMass should be charging thousands of dollars for Personal Seat Licenses just like other teams?

Anonymous said...

The whiners around here complain about everything,meanwhile $75 bucks will get anyone a season ticket at whatever yard line you prefer at McGuirk. I guess they will squak about the $5 bucks S&H charge. I will say it again it is the best buy in the state of massachusetts for sports entertainment.

UMass74 said...

Amen to that last post. The UMass season ticket with FREE yellow lot parking is a mind-blowing great deal. And that's not counting the UMass Band!

I can't understand why people claim to love UMass football but won't join Friends of Football. Every penny goes to the UMass Football program. In addition to the actual money, joining the Friends also shows that football has a CONSTITUENCY , people who will be willing to fight for the program during difficult times. The show of support for the program can be as important as the money.

Anonymous said...

74, what does the Friends actually offer? Someone could just make a donation to the athletic department for football in the same amount. Perhaps there is some other advantage to joining, it just doesn't appear so from the outside.

It would also be nice for them to update their website. It offers little information, and can't even provide an updated coaching staff.