Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday follies 02/06/09

The Springfield Republican has more news about western Mass players including Alex Scyourka, who many thought would get an offer from UMass.

The Laconia Citizen has a nice article about UMass recruit Christian Birt. That's what football should be all about: bringing people together.

Another article mentioning Birt here .


Jeromy Miles is on Draft Daddy's Juniors-to-watch list.


Don't remember if I mentioned this before, but former UMass assistant coach John Zamberlin is head coach of Idaho State. I sat with him at an athletic dept function back in the day, and had a fairly long talk about UMass football.


We signed more players than Boston College did.


Matty Vautour says he doesn't know how well UMass did with this year's recruits.


Raw Data for the CAA South:



Anonymous said...

Birt is the second NH player to complain about UNH recruiting. The NH Player of the Year (forgot his name) used the exact same "slap in the face" phrase before committing to URI. Looking at last season's rosters for the four New England state schools, UNH has the lowest percentage of home state players. In fact, they have more Massachusetts players than New Hampshire players. But they've also been very successful, so maybe they know something about NH that we don't.

UMass74 said...

UNH only signed 10 recruits, so they did not have many slots to give out.

In Birt's case, he was recruited by Don Brown, who was the DB position coach as well as head coach for UMass. Brown was noted for his defensive expertise, so if he liked Birt, I for one, will defer to his judgment.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Santos!!1

Anonymous said...

What about him?

Anonymous said...

UMASS don't have the budget UNH has.That's why don left.

Anonymous said...

PP,You must be a UNH fan,'Umass don't' have...'--time for you to get off message boards and learn the english language. BTW UNH's budget is smaller than UMASS' for what it is worth!! Go UMASS