Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Sendings 02/14/09

No UMass-specific football news on the wires this morning. Mrs. Blog, who I love dearly on this Valentine's Day, has a big "Honeydo" day in store for me, so I do not have the time to develop any original content.

The UMass Football Wikipedia article could use some help, if you have nothing to do.

I'll be back tomorrow with some UMass historical scans.


Anonymous said...

Looking for a computer major with graphical skills to head up the Wikipedia project. Make it a junior or senior project and get credit for it. Many will mail/e-mail historical information to help you.

Make it a 4-person team project, 1 SR, 1 JR, 1 SO, 1 FR so that it becomes an ongoing page and the best one on the WWW.

Anonymous said...

Copied the link from Hofstra website:


If you get a message "could not load the ivr file" - hit refresh or copy link into a new browser window.

We need some graphics on our website. If you are a member of UVC-TV 19, do you know if they have a camera that can make these?

is UMass Amherst's student-run television station which you can join like any other club.

Anonymous said...

The University of texas at San Antonio have just announced that they plan to be playng FCS or FBS football by 2012. The feasibility study is interesting. When the school becomes a full-fledged member of BCS football, it will mean that it will be the third university of the UT system that has football at that level. Granted, football is huge in Texas, but if you read the study, the conclusion I make is that UMass does not care to improve a program that could eventually compete in a BCS program.:

Anonymous said...

UTSA has 3 or 4 FBS conference options. UMass has no realistic FBS conference options even if we were given $84 million for a stadium like UTSA. If we had a conference, then we could tackle the fundraising problem.

Anonymous said...

The Big East? I know this is a pipe dream, but if Buffalo and Connecticut can do it....UTSA could also play in the Alamo Dome, but UMass would have to build out or construct from scratch. I know I'm crazy to even think such things. I agree with you though.

Anonymous said...

We don't have to upgrade to a FBS program. There will probably be a new FCS conference along the same geographic footprint as the BE made up mostly of CAA spinoff teams.. We would need to increase the travel (plane) budget but it wouldn't be as expensive $100M-$200M to get our foot in the door. Connecticut, despite all its support is still not doing very well in the BE and we will never get the support they are getting.

A nice modern 25K seat expandable stadium would fit our needs and be within our means.

If we ever decide to build a new state-of-the art stadium I would hope it is built in downtown Springfield.

There is more opposition to building roads to Amherst than there would be to building a stadium in Springfield.

In Springfield, a complex (Shopping, Condos, Office Buildings) could be built to help subsidize the facility and could draw on a larger metro area for fans.

Putting the Stadium in Springfield was an idea I heard about from "Friends of Mass Football" a few years ago. I guess that stopped working on it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this sentiment: "A nice modern 25K seat expandable stadium would fit our needs and be within our means," however, "[building it] in downtown Springfield" I think would not happen UNLESS we were to upgrade to an FCS division. I would argue that, while having a smaller, albeit, modern facility might preclude some student attendance; still, I like the idea that the former post suggests: a build-out of infrastructure, including a shopping center, living and office space--things that the city of Springfield might well find agreeable. But I also think that a destination location would be an attraction for students and alumni. A place to go--to get to--makes sense. If things are too convenient, sometimes people avoid the very thing it seeks to attract.

Th Huskies are not doing well? The stadium seems to be sold out whenever I watch the team on television.

Anonymous said...

I am for building an expandable stadium of 25K plus for our Football Minutemen. But, not in Spingfield! To begin with, it is a very economically depression area of our State and a one shot deal of building a studium won't improve the area significantly. Secondly, it is crime ridden and dangerous to move about at night especially for young, inexperienced college age kids in great number. (I am assuming that with a new stadium there would be lights and night games). As a consequence, many of us students wounldn't or couldn't attend because of a location in Springfield. The major of us don't have cars or, if we do, the money to travel in them! I have talked with a lot of my friends and others at the dining halls about this very issue. It lead me to conclud that only an on-campus stadium would encourage student attendance at football games just like it does for the BB games. UMass has 24K plus students on campus at any one time, so it would be foolish to not tap directly into this local revenue stream, along with the local area and Amherst community residents, and the five colleges in the immediate area. In spite of last year's slightly deminished record (7-5) there is much more talk about the football team and the excitment of going to the games, especially at night.
I hope UMass builds a stadium and eventually goes to the top level of FB like we are in BB. As has been said on this Blog before, UMass needs to upgrade its' facilities in football if it ever wants to be recognized as a top notch university in line with it's academic reputation. When I graduate and get a job I would gladly donate to this cause. Until then, I need my money for my daily peanutbutter sandwishes which in a few short months I vow to never ever eat again!!

Anonymous said...

I believe our brothers to the South provide free transportation to their home games in Hartford.

Since there is so much opposition to building roads from the interstate to Amherst I doubt we will ever fill up a 25-K seat stadium in Amherst. People, including you when you graduate and live in Boston, are not going to drive to Amherst to see a football game if it takes hours to get to and from the game.

The only logical place to build a stadium is in Springfield. Aside from 5-6 UMass football games other events need to be held to generate revenue to help pay for the stadium.

When an area of a city is redeveloped it becomes a viable and secure place to visit, live, and shop in the evening. We have seen that over and over again.

The Football Program also needs to generate more income, more ticket sales, to pay for a competitive football program. We can't compete for a FCS national championship if we can't afford to hire coaches and afford to send them on recruiting trips.