Monday, February 02, 2009

Recruiting 2009 --- Cody Booth

UMass is interested in Cody Booth a 6-5 215 pd TE from Millersville, PA

His ESPN page is here .

MaxPreps has his season totals for 2008 here .

This article is a year old, but has Booth as its feature.

Also having interest from Boston College, Lehigh, Villanova and James Madison.


hampfan said...

umass football banquet is feb. 27, 6pm. adult tickets are 40 bucks.

Anonymous said...

this comment came from out of the blue.

Anonymous said...

This boy must have some brains if you go by the schools that are interested in him. Hope he considers UMass! We have a reputation for being an outstanding academic institute. I would think we can hold our own to the likes of "V", JMU, and Richie even though they may be a little more exclusive.