Sunday, March 01, 2009

UMass football banquet

About a dozen images from the UMass football banquet are here. The lights were dialed down, so the images are somewhat grainy as I had to do some post-processing.

Before we start, I should say that I left my notes somewhere. So, I'm working from memory; if I should make a mistake on who got what for awards, a polite correction would be appreciated. Mrs. Blog has already chewed me out.

As usual, I had a good time at the banquet. I talked to several members of the UMass staff, Bill Deflavio of Friends of Football and a couple of people who read the Blog.

The turnout was about the same as last year. The food was good and everyone seemed upbeat.

UMass Friends of Football President Bill Deflavo said that the Friends of Football 100-yard club had 25+ members last year and they hope to add to that this year. The 100-yard Club members donate $1000 to UMass football. The Friends are also working on getting their website updated.

The staff members said that Coach Morris has changed a number of internal procedures since being appointed HC. The players and staff seem to enjoy the change in routine.

Every speaker mentioned the outstanding record of the graduating seniors. Players received plaques for being All-American, All-CAA and All-ECAC . I've already blogged on those awards, so I'm not going to cover them here.

Mike Hodges received a UMass football helmet for his thirty years with the program.

The award for best offensive scout team player when to Tom Gilson and the award for best defensive scout team player was given to Kumar Davis and Chris Chamberlin.

The academic achievement award went to Chris Cefalo. This was the second time Chris had won the award.

Most improved offensive player went to Victor Cruz. Most improved defensive player went to Shane Viveiros.

The Marcel Shipp Ironman award went to Vladimir Ducasse on offense and Armando Cuko on special teams. As pointed out by a kind reader, Kyle Harrington received the Ironman award on Defense.

Courtney Robinson and Brent Arnold shared the Special Teams Award.

Offensive MVP went to Tony Nelson.
Defensive MVP went to Jeromy Miles.

Liam Coen was awarded the Team MVP/Player-of-the-Year award.

They showed a 2008 highlight film done by NFL films. It focused on the senior class with clips from the National Championship game as well as 2007 and this year.

Go UMass! Only 33 days until Spring Football.

UPDATE: The UMass website has an article on the banquet here .


Anonymous said...

ironman for defense went to kyle harrington. i also had a good time at the banquet. coach morris came to our table and we talked for a few minutes, very refreshing to have that happen. go umass.

Anonymous said...

Chris Chamberlin also was the scout defensive player of the year.

QBsdad75 said...

Can anyone tell me about spring practice , i ve heard about a spring game and possible bbq ? Thank you

Anonymous said...

spring practices start april 2 i believe. the spring game is on may 2. there is a small bbq for players, family and friends after in the parking lot by the locker room. hope that helps.