Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday musings 02/23/09

UMass football recruit Tom Brandt ran a 7.88 55-meter hurtles recently.


Northeastern's star TE Brian Manderville received bad news at the combine. A routine medical check indicated he has a heart valve problem. Not only will he not be drafted; he was advised to give up football.

Another article here .

Nasuha South RB/DB David Zocco has a decision to make.


Montana and Appalachian State are looking to set up a home-and-home series.



Anonymous said...

That's too bad about Brian Manderville. I am sure he can do something else with all his talent. All the Best to ya, Brian.

Anonymous said...

Was Zocco recruited by Umass??

Anonymous said...

One wonders why Northeastern failed to detect something as potentially life-threatening as a valve problem; I'm assuming all players undergo extensive physicals? Regard this as a blessing; there's much Mr. Mandeville can do with his life; and if he hadn't attended the combines?

Anonymous said...

No idea if Zocco was recruited by anyone other than URI. No other information on him. He's got great size for a RB or safety (6'2" 195 lbs)