Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday News -- 02/22/09

Woah! Darren Rizzi, HC of Rhode Island has resigned to be special teams coach with the Dolphins.

Stories here and here and here and here.

URI athletic dept article (with quotes from Thorr) here .

Miami Dolphins article here .

I believe NCAA rules allow recruits to void their letter-of-intent when the HC leaves.

Rivals Rams commits here .


This year's NFL Combine top performers.


Eastern Washington is appealing its post-season ban.



Anonymous said...

Why does the NCAA hold the institution to a higher standard than the coach(es) who make the infractions? These guys know or should have known that they were violating NCAA rules. Yet, rarely if at all, are the well-paid coaches brought to bear the responsibility. I am positive that the head coach's association has in-service on these very same issues as well as their university. And any one of us can pick up the NCAA information packets on these topics. Worse yet, the very same guys that turn a program around or improve it by cheating are usually rewarded by being hired elsewhere, and usually at a greater salary, because of their success. These guys should be banned from coaching for a period of time or at least the same length of time their institution is on probation or under santions because of their actions. I'll bet there would be a lot less of this kind of behavior if the NCAA held more coaches accountable!

Anonymous said...

The Dolphins bought out Rizzi's contract, to be sure; but the thing that gets me, is that this a-hole had the temerity to hire a completely new staff comprising of first-year coaches, who themselves (I'm surmising) will be ousted with Rizzi's departure. At least with Jagazinski's leaving BC, the coaches had been in place and most still are, to my knowledge. I was raised to meet the depth of a commitment and to honor the idea of a contract, as I'm sure most young and older people have been. After a year? And from his alma mater? And leaving all of the young men with the promises I'm sure he made with building a program, changing the offense, bringing in a good recruiting class last year.... To become a special teams assistant coach? Hey, it's a free world we live in, but this guy screwed over coaches, players, and the University.

Anonymous said...

Complete list of URI recruits:

Notice Rizzi brought in FOUR transfers from Rutgers--and he's gone!

Anonymous said...

go get nick baker.