Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday News 02/05/09

Matty Vautour has an article on the UMass recruits and says UMass is still pursuing several more players.

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has an recruiting article here .

The Metro Daily New has an article about the Brandt brothers signing with UMass.

Kevin Stevens of Press Connects says Jamar Smith is happy to be a Minuteman.

The Worcester Telegram has an article on Rob Blanchflower and Brandon Potvin signing with UMass.

The Boston Herald discusses New England college recruits including UMass.

Some additions and corrections to yesterday's blog post:

I did not add Brandon Potvin to the recruits list. Sorry Brandon! I was getting a little tired.
  • Brandon Potvin DT. He's Worcester Telegram's Defensive Player-of-the-year.
  • Sean Unterkoefler RB. I had him listed as a LB although he still may play there, but the UMass recruiting bio emphasises his RB skills. Ran a 6.14 55 meter sprint (20th in nation). YouTube highlights here .
FYI this was last years recruits under Coach Brown. In 2008 we had three Rivals "starred" players :
This year we recruited five Rivals starred players
  • Christan Birt two stars
  • Tim Brandt two stars
  • Tom Brandt two stars
  • Kyle Havens three stars
  • Devin Lindsey two stars. has us as the #3 rated recruiting class in FCS/I-AA.

Raw Data on the CAA North:
One of our 2009 OOC opponents Albany, signed eleven.


Anonymous said...

Wish we knew what happened to Tyrone McBride from last year's class. A 3 star highly recruited guy from Winslow Township in NJ which gaves s Miles & Talley.

UMass74 said...

Just did a Google search on McBride this morning. Nothing.

Maybe he's out of football.

UMass Alum said...

Not too good of a year lost most of #1 #2 guys on the board.That's why we're still trying to fill spots. The coaching staff isn't too happy that the new head coach pulled some offers he probably shouldn't have. I think it's gonna be a rough couple of years. Hopefully no more coaches bail out next year like I heard might happen from a good source.

Anonymous said...

74, last years class also had two guys with stars on scout too. Filler had 3 and Parsons 1.

Anonymous said...

Alum, how exactly do you know UMass lost most of their #1 and #2 guys?

Anonymous said...

This is actually Rizzi's second recruiting class at URI, although I think that last year the new staff didn't have a full recruiting season.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alum...I Heard from one of the players that we got 4 of the 5 #1 recruits. They had dinner with the 5 recruits back in December.

As far as getting 1A transfers, just because they were originally recruited by 1A school doesn't mean they will be a lock at 1AA. Many of this years recruits were recuited by 1A schools. Maybe they made a better college choice that gives them the opportunity to get on the field alot sooner.

I'm impressed with how well the coaching staff did, considering the Head Coaching change during the height of recruiting season.

Great job on the blog UMass74.

Anonymous said...

what about players like johney evens or michael megget, what happened to them?

topsfieldfan said...

Frank, Great job as usual. Sounds like Coach Morris and his staff did all right for themselves; on short-notice at that!

What is it with all the negative postings on here by "Anonymous" bloggers? If you're not a fan, step-off. Back your words up with facts...and a name. According to Rivals, we did better than App.State by one slot. Aren't they the stick all others are measured by? Were not going to better than LSU, Oklahoma and the rest of the factories; get real with your expectations, "Anonymous".

I honestly think we'll be in the hunt this next year. Go UMass and keep going, UMass 74

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what ever happen to the three star safety recruit Tyrone McBride who verbaled last year? Did he not qualify academically? If so is he in prep school/JC and still planning on attending?