Monday, February 09, 2009

Redshirt Freshman 02/09/08

No UMass news on the wires this morning. I thought it would be interesting to look at 2008's redshirt freshmen. Note that the roster list has not yet been updated for spring. I have no information about any gains or losses after the season ended.

  1. D.J. Adeoba LB. DJ was praised by Coach Brown in one of his radio shows. Adeoba and one of the few freshman to get significant playing time, Tyler Holms, could start in 2009. A Rivals two star recruit in '08
  2. C.J. Burnley DB. No bio on the roster
  3. Chris Chamberlin LB/LS. First Team All-New England and numerous honors in HS.
  4. Nick Collouri DL. No bio on the roster
  5. Kumar Davis DB. A Rivals two star recruit in '08. Should be in line for some playing time this year.
  6. Nick Haag LB. No bio on the roster
  7. Dan McLaughlin DB. No bio on roster
  8. Darren Thellen DB. Could also be in the mix for playing time in the defensive backfield
  9. Charles Thompson DL. Thompson was a Rivals listed player and a member of numerous HS All-star squads. With UMass losing two starters on the DL to graduation, he should be in the mix for significant playing time.
Players without bios are probably walkons. Adeoba, Chamberlin, Davis and Thompson should be players to watch in the Spring Game. With no defensive JUCO's or I-A transfers so far, those players should be the available reinforcements for 2009.

Matty Vautour took a look ahead to 2009's possible new starters back on 11/25/08.

UPDATE: Did you ever think about staying in school and getting an advanced degree?-- No? ----- Good choice.


Anonymous said...

UMass lost only 1 starter on the DL.

Rivals Profile said...

Looking around for potential players who haven't committed yet. The #10 rated player in Massachusetts is Sean Sylvia reports he takes some honors classes and has a 2.5 core GPA so why hasn't he signed?

Sean Sylvia Rivals Profile 2-Star

Sean Syliva Scout Profile 1-Star

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Anonymous said...

C.J Burnley isnt a walk on...he's actually in the mix to compete for the starting corner spot.