Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday News 02/07/09

David Coulson of the Sports Network discusses FCS recruiting.


New Hampshire Football Report has a story on UNH's 2009 schedule.


Remember Matty Vautour had a story about UMass possibly playing Michigan in 2010? The Delaware State Hornets are playing in the Big House this year.


Recruiting ratings and results on the field; this article looks at record.


In our 1998 National Championship year we met and beat Northwestern State in the playoffs. For a number of years they had a top-10 FCS/I-AA team. The Demons usually did it with defense. Northwestern State has fallen on tough times recently. They now have a new coach Dale Petevo, who was previously the DC at LSU.

The Demons also have the #1 rated recruiting class in FCS/I-AA. UMass was #3.


This link goes to a YouTube clip of a 1993 CBS News report. Intrepid CBS reporters explain how "tech savvy" people are using their "personal computers" to "log on" to something called the "internet".

What possible use could the average person have for the "Internet" ? About 1:30 into the clip, one expert says "Suppose you wanted to talk about football".

Yeah right, the US military spends billions on a word wide computer network and people are going to use it to talk about football to persons they've never met. Like that's ever going to happen.



hampfan said...

had to chuckle after reading about the cbs report.

UMass74 said...

Yes, I don't know what I would do if I could not use the "Information Super Highway" or "The web 2.0" as we "citizen journalists" like to refer to our "paradigm shifting" efforts to explain football to the masses.

Or, as Mrs Blog likes to refer to my calling, -------- "Playing on the Goddamm computer!"

Navarus Thompson Video said...

We offered a scholarship to
Navarus Thompson
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 260 40: 4.8
He is highly rated and hasn't signed with anyone. If his issue is academics perhaps we could help him get him into Dean CC.">/viewprospect.asp?pr_key=91946

His Video

Anonymous said...

Navarus Thompson is listed as a Hofstra signee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Frank,
Rivals and Scouts don't list him as having signed.

UMass74 said...

It wasn't me. I didn't know he signed with Hofstra either.

Anonymous said...

N. Thompson from Florida is listed on the Hofstra football site as one of their signed guys!!