Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Telegram 02/10/09

The Worcester Telegram briefly mentions two UMass recruits here .


Maine's Jovan Belcher is training for the NFL.


Remember there were rumors that UMass OL coach Brian Picucci was leaving for Boston College?It turns out UNH's Sean Devine was the coach hired.


The CAA insider ranks UMass' recruiting class pretty low. Note that all of the CAA South teams received high rankings and all the CAA North received low.


The CAA has released the 2008 CAA All-Academic list.

Breaks down this way:
  • Hostra 15, 6 off, 6 Def
  • UNH 12, 6 Off,6 Def
  • JMU 12, 6 Off, 6 Def
  • Delaware 11, 3 Off 8 Def
  • Northeastern 10, 6 Off, 4 Def
  • Towson 10, 4 Off, 6 Def
  • UMass 7, 4 Off, 3 Def
  • Maine 7, 3 Off, 4 Def
  • Villanova 7, 6 Off, 1 Def
  • URI 6, 3 Off, 3 Def
  • Richmond 6, 4 Off, 2 Def
  • William & Mary 5, 4 Off, 1 Def
Honored for UMass were Sean Callichio, Chris Cefalo, Peter Chiaro, Arron Fears, Brent Arnold, Jeromy Miles and Anthony Rouizer. Congrats to all the UMass players who made the list!



Anonymous said...

How about URI? 3 on offense and 3 on defense.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. How on earth can anyone rate a class without seeing these kids play first-hand? What a load of crap. Outfits like Scout and Rivals, for the most part, review film and do not see the majority of these kids playing. Good coaching is where it's at, and the chemistry that evolves as a result of players maturing and growing together can notbe overestimated.

dennisdent said...

CAA Insider is a MORON! Pete Rose was convicted and is going to prison for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I m wondering why CAA Insider failed to mention three of UMASS's best signees Jamar Smith,Rob Blanchflower and Kyle Havens ?