Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday before South Carolina--October 19th, 2016

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Andrew Cyr of the UMass Daily Collegian reports if Marquis Young is limited this Saturday, Sekai Lindsay and Bilal Allay are ready to run against the Gamecocks.

Sekai Lindsay has gone 16-70 4.4 AVE 1 TD LONG 22.

Bilal Allay has totals of 10-42 4.2 AVE LONG 16.

Neither player has lost a yard rushing.


Campus Insiders previews the Minutemen-Gamecocks contest.


South Carolina still has a bowl bid in sight.

Jake Bentley, a four-star recruit out of Opielika, Alabama is likely to start for South Carolina against the Minutemen. And I bet that they have some awesome Friday night football in Opielika.

The Gamecocks are last in the nation in scoring and 126th in total offense, the Gamecocks hope Bentley can light a fires under the offense. UMass is #123 in total offense (318.7 yards/game) and South Carolina is #126 (304.5 yards/game).

In scoring, UMass is  #118 (138 points scored) and South Carolina is #128 (84 points scored).

South Carolina may shuffle its offensive line against the Minutemen.

Gamecock offensive coordinator Kurt Roper says South Carolina needs to play better.

South Carolina has struggled returning punts.


Victor Cruz is excited to be playing in London this weekend.


And now, robot sports writers.


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vetteson said...

Lindsay has had very little success against good defenses, the 5' 10" freshman is also small and has little experience. Will be very surprised if UMass has any running success, again no emphasis on the running game by the coaching staff. UMass will be no better or worse than it's been already, so anything can happen, less a UMass victory. Too bad.