Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday before Wagner--October 27th, 2016

Double header in Amherst on Saturday. UMass football meets Wagner at Noon and UMass Hockey plays against hated Boston College at 7:00 PM. See both!


Adam Aucoin of the UMass Daily Collegian says UMass is looking to get back on track against Wagner.


Sports Chat Place predicts a blowout win for the Minutemen Saturday.


Fox Sports reports Coach Whipple is in the bottom 20 college coaches in salary.

The top 20 college coaching salaries are between $4 million and $9 million.


Jeffrey Roberts image
Adam Cyr of the UMass Daily Collegian reports on Adam Breneman's outstanding season with UMass.

Breneman has gone 44-484 4 TD's; that places him tied for first place in the NCAA in number of catches by a TE and third in total yards.


Under the having a really bad season category  are the UMass field goal kickers. The NCAA does not have national ranking stats for field goals, but in total scoring, UMass is the only team in football with only one field goal for 2016.


The second half of the season is crucial for Victor Cruz's future with the Giants.


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