Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday before Louisiana Tech--October 12th, 2016

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Matty Vautour has a report on the UMass injury situation. He reports Shane Huber is done for the season with an ACL injury. That's a shame both for Huber and for us. Huber was perhaps our best run-stopper. Steve Casali will take over making the defensive calls.

Whiple said Colburt Calhoun and Vondell Langston will see an increased work load. Whipple also mentioned Lucas Amato and Leon Flanagan may get some reps. Amato played in 20 games in 2015 and 2014. Flanagan is a true freshman.

Matty also reports Tedrick Lowery may return for the Louisiana Tech game. As I have mentioned before, I think Lowery was having an outstanding year before he was injured.

Matty has Whipple as non-committal on Ross Comis' status. At least he's not saying Comis is done for the year.


Andrew Cyr of the UMass Daily Collegian has more on Huber's injury.

Mike Traini has a post on Huber.


Louisiana Tech picks up a local QB recruit.


The Virginia Pilot says ODU is defying preseason predictions.


Former UMass foe Mississippi State and future 2016 opponent BYU play each other this weekend.


Vladimir Ducasse has been signed by the Baltimore Ravens.


The Tennessee Titans hope Tajae Sharpe has a breakout game against the Dolphins.



Dave Root said...

This has been a very hard season in term of wins and losses and also injuries. Honestly, the Wagner game may be our only other win this year. Our schedules in the future don't have all those P5 teams front loaded so that is where all the injuries occur. We can't play killer schedules anymore and expect win any games. The Vegas boys were actually right when they predicted 1 or 2 wins.

Anonymous said...

^Playing games for cash payment where the known result is a loss and great chance of injury is not a strategy for success. Time to knock off the nonsense and play games where you have a fighting chance. It's unfair to the players, and the sad fan excuse of "I get to visit "fill in the blank Stadium" which is a shrine to college football is getting very very old. Go visit that shrine on your own time without needing to see UMass get their ass kicked for cash.