Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Wednesday before Old Dominion--October 5th, 2016

Old Dominion has a preview  for UMass up.


The UMass-ODU football game may be moved to get around hurricane Matthew. Options could be Saturday at Noon or Friday night. Or the game could be canceled outright. Even if played Friday night, UMass could face trouble in getting a flight out.

Mrs Blog and I may be bailing out of the Tidewater area. Local officials say Matthew may be a "generational" storm.


Matty Vautour says Whipple may use both Ford and Comis against Old Dominion.


Bobby Wilder talks about Coach Whipple and the upcoming UMass game.

With Old Dominion, the Minutemen will be facing another team that wants to run the ball.


Andrew Cyr of the UMass Daily Collegian says UMass may play both quarterbacks against the Monarchs.


There's been quite a bit of discussion about attendance and student participation at UMass games. The NY Times reports that students are a problem all over the college football landscape. Basically, students would rather hang out and play with their personal electronics. And these schools are Power Five programs that win consistently.



Anonymous said...


Your links today were very interesting.
I guess I just don't understand "millenials" who tailgate before the game and don't attend or worse, leave after the first half on a beautiful warm day.
Somehow or other , we have to do better and maybe it will take a winning record and disc jockeys at the game.
I'd rather focus on the team.
ODU has had 50 home sellouts in a row...someone should be taking notes

Anonymous said...

We live in a professional sports region. The students who attend UMass are largely born and raised in this state and so that mentality is carried over by the children; attending a college sports event is not nearly the same level of entertainment as a Patriots game. These kids just don't love football the way they do in the south or the midwest. Same is true in New York.

Anonymous said...

ODU sells out 50 games in a row because if you look at them on a map they are not remotely close to any big "hometown" professional/college teams.
Massachusetts residents are used to the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins... re-read those names. All are some of the most renowned sports teams in the country.

Massachusetts residents are used to top tier athletics on a national stage. They don't care about small time teams playing FIU, Wagner, Tulane, Troy.. they do/would care about playing the Floridas, Notre Dames, and Mississippi States if they were actually good enough to consistently beat them and were showcase games on ESPN, CBS, FOX, etc.
UMass needs to be in a power 5 conference EVENTUALLY or else it's gonna be tough (unless you're a Houston Cougars).
Embrace being an independent for the time being and build a new respectable stadium on campus and get bigger, more well-known schools to come to campus (and WIN of course...)
And people will come.
There is an ocean of potential fans/followers that have yet to be woken because they're used to much more than what UMass currently has to offer.
Build it when they are good enough to actually win games against KNOWN OPPONENTS and they will come.

FYI I am a 2014 graduate and know from the inside exactly what students/post grads are thinking right now.. right now it's "cool" to take snapchats and instagrams at Pat's games because they are the pats and everyone talks about them. Get UMass on a bigger stage against bigger opponents and it will also be "cool" to let people know that you are at UMass games as well. Obviously there are people who actually care about football and the team, but a good chunk of them just want to have fun and watch their team win against a notable team. That's 2016 for ya...

We're moving in the right direction. Slowly but surely.

Anonymous said...

The new UMass regime has had a bad fall, starting with the downgrade of the website,parking fiasco, not getting fans to games, and now having home basketball games during work days, this group is clueless. Can't we do better?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the comments of the 2014 brings me closer to understanding fan behavior that was completely foreign to me......but of course I still don't like it

Anonymous said...

If UMass played BC and Mississippi State at Amherst I guarantee you that a lot of students and people in the area would show up to watch the game. Complaining about Western Mass fans after getting 13k fans at Gillette Stadium in the Boston area against an SEC team in pretty comical. Which is why we need to bigger stadium in Amherst with its own parking lot, not a student lot, with better facilities to accommodate the fans.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget new AD now against police, and American flag & national anthem. He is really connecting with the Marxist professors,who have no use for athletics. Meanwhile he is alienating paying customers, with these protests and games when paying customers are at work(4PM).