Monday, October 03, 2016

Monday before Old Dominion--October 3rd, 2016

Good Morning from Fredericksburg, VA. Mrs Blog and I are heading for the Tidewater area for a short vacation and we'll also take in the UMass-Old Dominion game. I have a less than optimal internet connection and that might mean less content in the blog today.


Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" recaps the Tulane game.


Las Vegas has the Monarchs by 7 over UMass.


The Virginia Pilot reflects on Old Dominion's most lopsided FBS victory.

The Charlotte Observer says the Monarchs were unstoppable.

The Charlotte and Old Dominion players linked arms is a show of unity.


The UMass Street festival was a success for both the students and the police.



Anonymous said...

My biggest concern regarding admission into a conference is the poor turnout at home games.
With Coach Whipple, I'm confident that we will soon be at the same level as teams from the AAC and other midlevel FBS Conferences but the empty stadium at McGuirk is a VERY BIG NEGATIVE.
Perhaps we have to win before the students attend the games but what conference wants to send their teams to an empty stadium???
In that respect we are truly unattractive.

Anonymous said...

You could say that if a new stadium is built, students, alumni, and the community will come in greater numbers. But there is very little evidence to suggest that UMass students will change what is otherwise a pathetic show of support. This has been the case for the last thirty years. For a state that is now rich in football tradition with the Pats, I don't understand why increasing numbers of students don't come out and support their team. I'm not so sure that a new stadium would change the tenor of student support and involvement, but at least a new stadium would not be so embarrassing to the flagship campus and the state of Massachusetts on a national stage.

Anonymous said...

I am upset about the student attendance... just like everyone else but, I am looking across the field and see many more seats that are not being sat in by fans on the visitor side. Where are all those Western Mass people that are complaining about game being played at Gillette? I believe that Western Mass fans alone can fill that stadium and it seems they are not coming out to the games.

I know that is assuming that the most of the fans in Amherst aren't from Wester Mass but, I feel there are many of them not showing up.


Vetteson said...

The big problem with attendance is that there is no college football culture (except BC, maybe) within New England, a place where historically you played smallish neighboring, rival schools and you could count on the same three to five thousand fans for every game. The BIG game in New England is the pro game, always has been. Kids from Massachusetts a rabid Pats fans, because the Patriots have played on a national level for years now. Look at BC, they've been playing FBS level football seemingly forever. They may get 20,000 for a home game. The Gillette game drew around 25,000, total. We can never expect to fill the stadium with games against FIU or Tulane, I challenge most people to tell me where FIU is located! (It's in Miami, what used to be the old Miami-Dade Community College).

To create a modicum of culture, UMass must start winning some games. And it needs to get, besides BC and UConn, Syracuse, Rutgers, Navy or Army to play them, where there is some geographical connection and fans of both schools can reasonably get to games. Winning games is, again, paramount, and not being able to beat teams from CUSA or the Sun Belt is going to guarantee 3 win seasons. The loss to Tulane was the coach's fault mostly, as has been stated already. Injuries are mounting and they have affected the best players, especially on defense and that will continue to be a problem for a few more years. But the coaching in the Tulane game was awful. After the early defensive and offensive success, Tulane made adjustments and the game was largely over. We continued to try and send Young up the middle, and pass to now adequately defended 34 and 81. Pulling Ford seemed to send the message that it was his fault, but it wasn't, and putting Comis in did little, or nothing, to change things. Start Ford and develop several offensive strategies. Good luck.

Dave Root said...

Very disappointing game and the stadium looked terrible on TV. It really is an embarrassment and, while I'm a donor to UMass football and sports, something has to be done. I feel badly for the coaches and players. The P5 games really take it out of the players and they are done for the season, basically. Coach Whipple is an excellent coach but he must be getting weary of all the losing. The team just seems to fade after the half. The Tulane players were just bulling their way through the defense at the end. Also, having their coach who spent tons of time in D3, NAIA, etc look like Vince Lombardi was painful.

minutefanjsf said...

The only thing that will bring the students into the games is winning. That has historically been the case. Why they don’t stay along with the hundreds to thousands of fans that leave a 3:30 game at 5:00 is a mystery to me, especially when the game is not decided. It is not just the students who leave. The season ticket holder section of McGuirk empties out midway through every game. There is nothing to run off to in the area. I know I live here. Pitiful.