Saturday, October 22, 2016

Game Day South Carolina--October 22nd, 2016

UPDATE: The SEC network is on channel 408 on Dish Network here in New Hampshire. They're currently interviewing John Calipari...


Another Saturday, another SEC team. UMass has started to show some damage from their tough schedule. We'll see how many of the walking wounded play today. The Gamecocks are definitely not an offensive powerhouse. Hopefully, the UMass defense can keep it close with no third quarter collapse.

We've come close with Vanderbilt, Colorado and Temple. An upset against South Carolina would be balm to the battered egos of Minutemen fans.

Whatever the outcome, I'll be cheering for the Maroon & White. Go UMass!!!


Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" previews the South Carolina game.


Matty Vautour says the Gamecocks are the Minutemen's latest chance for a big win.


The State wonders if UMass can play another SEC team close.

The Big Spur has five keys to victory over the Minutemen.

Fox Sports says South Carolina and Massachusetts have the same problem: no offense.

The Garnet & Black Attack has five questions with Mike Traini.

The Independent says all eyes will be on Jake Bentley.

Dave Cloninger says Jake Bentley should stay on the bench.


CBS Sports says take the Minutemen an the points.

FBS Schedules says the Gamecocks will cover the points.

SEC Country says watch Da'Sean Downey against the Gamecock's offensive line.



Anonymous said...

Whipple is way too predictable. One of the first 2 plays on every single drive is a draw. If the first play is a draw the second is going to be play action pass. Going wildcat against an SEC team is just plain dumb, obviously it's a run and UMass doesn't have the hogs up front to open a hole. The Whipple yelling at the players on the sideline after those play calls doesn't help anything. They look pretty sad.

Minutefanjsf said...

Umm. Predictability iOS not an issue in football. We knew Tulane would run the ball. Teams that win beat teams that know what they will do. Whipple yelling at Ford when he misses an open read is acceptable. It’s like a hoops player taking a three when the post is open....

Anonymous said...

UMASS competed hard, both teams made mistakes galore. Please go with Caggiano on FG's the rest of the season. Whipple quitting on him after one miss, helps no one. Perfect on PAT's, give the kid the job. Laurent is a good emergency back up. YTD Laurent 1-4, Caggiano 22-22PAT's, 0-2FG'S each miss games apart.

Anonymous said...

Predictability is an issue when you're not as talented as your opponent. Whipple yelling at Isabella after he got swarmed on a wildcat run on 3rd down on an all out blitz is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh... not a good look when AD's dad rips football team on twitter after a loss to a SEC team.

minutefanjsf said...

Um, Isabella’s wildcat play was not an all out blitz and no one was swarmed. Isabella screwed the pooch on that play. He was supposed to run not hand off. He had one OLB to beat on the right. Isabella is lightning quick. No idea why he handed off. And, Young was just as perplexed that he got the ball. BTW the wildcat worked well in this game. We ran it 6 times with big gains on 4 of the 6. Isabella misplayed one and one failed with Young. As the announcers said, if Young could throw out of the wildcat, it would be deadly.

UMass74 said...

I remember Jimmie Reid talking to Sports Luncheon one week after UMass had been stopped on a fourth-and-goal.

I don't remember the exact call terminology, but basically it was an A-gap jump. The running back was supposed to jump over the top of the line where he saw a crease.

The RB ran up to the line and stopped dead and was swarmed by the defense.

When he came back to the sideline, Reid asked "Why didn't you jump?".

Running back: "I don't know."

Reid said "It's great having a bunch of 19 year old kids with your paycheck in their pocket!"

Anonymous said...

Not a surprising story about Reid, a career .500 coach,who never had a decent offensive. It took him about 3 games to undo what Don Brown did at BC for the last couple of years. His offense was to hand the ball off for all but 10 plays.