Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday before South Carolina--October 17th, 2016

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Lost in in the blowout defeat from Louisiana Tech was an outstanding effort by Isiah Rogers running back kicks by kicks he went 5-135 LONG 42 27.0 AVE. James Allen added another 42 yard return. I believe another good return was called back due to a holding call.


Dan Malone has notes from the Louisiana Tech game. He talks about the field goal problems and also says, despite the number of injuries, none were apparently serious.


Matty Vautour has notes from the game including the nearly textbook case of offensive interference that allowed a Louisiana Tech touchdown.


The Shreveport Times talks about Carlos Henderson's 235 yards and 5 TD day against the Minutemen.


Las Vegas has South Carolina by 22.5 over the Minutemen.

Keepers Collge football ratings has the Gamecocks by 21.65 (.pdf download)


South Carolina won't decide on their starting QB until game time.

Three key Gamecocks players may miss the UMass game.

Garnet and Black Attack looks at the remaining games on South Carolina's schedule.


Tajae Sharpe gains NFL lessons at 35,000 feet.



vetteson said...

Save all your comments until after the Wagner game. That game will tell us if we are at a FBS level or still FCS (where I think we really are). Wagner can score and scored ten against BC (we scored 7). By the Wagner game we will be playing 50% backups on defense. Regarding the place kicking game, we are at about the level of Winchester High (my old school). At the risk of sounding like a record, we need to establish a strong running game before trying pro-style offenses, we aren't the Patriots!

Anonymous said...

We need a downhill runner. As good as Young is, our run game is one-dimensional. I think this team needs a smash-mouth, full-load-of-a-back, as in a new iteration or Marcel Shipp or Steve Baylark. Both were over 220 lbs. and could carry the load for a game. Both gradually wore defenses down over the course of a game, and both helped to open up the passing game. Ford also needs to get rid of the ball much sooner than he has been.

The kicking is abysmal. Why not give Logan Laurent another chance at kicking field goals and PATs? How much worse does this situation need to get?

I'm getting the sense that many of the "top" recruits signing on with us have been "overlooked" by other programs for a reason. Caggiano on scholarship is a good example. Ford might be another. And there are others.

I think that redshirts need to be burned in hopes of finding the players who can make a distinct difference in the team's performance. I wouldn't be surprised to see some freshman transferring next year because they haven't been given the opportunity to play.

izy1 said...

maybe they need to hand out 1 hour energy drinks at the half to avoid the perpetual 3rd quarter burnout instead of gatorade