Thursday, October 06, 2016

Thursday before Old Dominion--October 6th, 2016

Well, Mrs Blog and I bailed out of Virginia Beach. We were right on the water and it just seemed to much of a chance to stay put. Our travel day would have Saturday or Sunday. Either way we could have been stuck in Tidewater. If the civilian authorities ordered an evacuation, we could have been competing with three quarters of a million people trying to get up I-64. UMass will have to win without us.


Dan Malone talks about the status of the UMass team with the Old Dominion game bumped to 8:00 PM Friday.

Matty Vautour has some more details on the game move and media information for fans who want to listen or view streaming video.

The UMass Daily Collegian says UMass prepares for the Monarchs after a change in schedule.

The Virginia Pilot talks about game and the change in schedule.

The Augusta Free Press previews the UMass-Old Dominion game.


Old Dominion players say their Black Lives Matter protest is largely misunderstood.


The NCAA proposes sweeping changes to satellite camps and football signing periods.


Victor Cruz supports Odell Beckham and says he should just play the game.


Sports Blog has an interview with Tajae Sharpe.



Anonymous said...

2014 graduate here again.. I am a new STH and I can say that the younger crowd is getting more invested in it whether they show it or not. They want them to be good, like the majority of other fans, most people are just fair-weather fans and that's just the rule of the world. But the term "just the tip of the iceberg" is extremely relevant with UMass' situation. There is an enormous population of people who can/will get behind UMass if/when they become good. The number of people across Massachusetts/New England who either go, have gone, or know somebody who has gone is massive. And there is no competition (other than BC but they're lame as hell).

Like the final four trip when UMass was on a national stage (I don't know personally because I was 4 years old and from NY) but it seemed like the entire region was behind them and everyone was talking about them and everything was all about them. They had marquee games, with marquee players and coaches.

Once football gets to that level (maybe not fighting for national championships at least until cars are flying) but people will get behind them, whether they're "true" fans or not. As long as people are watching them, investing in them, and supporting them when they get good it's tough to judge how "true" the kids are as fans now. Because frankly sitting out in the rain to watch them lose to Tulane in dumpy McGuirk when most of the kids haven't seen each other in months/years isn't that crazy to think about (Even though I watched the game).

The fact that there are even thousands of people migrating to Amherst on buses (we took a trolley from Southie at 9AM on a rainy Saturday) tailgating and wearing UMass gear is a very good start. Soon when the games actually matter and we have a legit stadium to go into they will go into the games and care about the outcome.

Whether people believe it now or not. Bamford is absolutely the guy IMO. Since stepping into office he and his crew have immediately made an impact especially for the younger people and in college sports the core of every program comes from the students. They are transparent and actually giving people some sort of an idea of what is going on and actually listening to the people. He's passionate and young and has connections to big time programs. That's what we need.

We're moving in the right direction.

No, he is not paying me to say this.

TopUMassFan said...

The attendance situation is, IMHO, NOT a Catch-22 situation.

UMass will get more fans WHEN they get a new stadium AND we start winning.

Not going to happen in that order. We WILL NOT get a new stadium until this one can't accommodate the capacity demand and right now there's too much elbow room. Fans WILL start to come when they start winning. It WOULDN'T HURT the student body to show up and support their CLASSMATES and stay PAST halftime.

Big-time schools will not come to Amherst to play in front of 12,000 fans sitting on their hands.

The Coaches need to coach better, the players need to play COMPLETE games and keep their heads in the game. The fans need to show-up, stay and be loud to try and make McGuirk a tough place for visiting teams again.

I honestly don't think the program, as currently constructed, can continue to sustain 3-9 seasons much longer. The CAA is looking better with every loss. Look at UNH with their brand NEW facility, playing competitive football, making the playoffs, exciting their fans.

AM said...


I understand where you are coming from and agree with most of it. However, moving back to the CAA would be the death nail of the program. They have invested too much already to go back to FCS.

Take UAB a few years ago for example, they found that folding the program entirely was a better option than moving down to the FCS. In a college sport where everyone is trying to gain national attention and move up a level, going backwards isn't an option.

You are right, the attendance is not a Catch-22. Let's just hope the boys can start winning more games and fast. As of right now, 3-9 is no guarantee this year either.

TopUMassFan said...

I'm not saying I want to go back to FCS...I'm saying we can't continue on at 3-9 much longer. I love watching us play Colorado, Vandy, Mississippi State...but, you've got to admit, it was more fun winning when we beat UNH, Delaware and Villanova and making the playoffs and playing in front of a decent and loud home crowd.