Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Day after Louisiana Tech--October 16th, 2016

Well the last game at Gillette ended just like the first---a blowout. Not that we couldn't have made it closer. UMass missed two field goals and Ford fumbled for an easy Bulldog score. That's a thirteen point swing right there.

The defense got three turnovers, but we didn't score off them. By the end of the game UMass was losing defensive players at an alarming rate. Not much else to say except the Bulldogs are one of the top Group-of-Five teams and we're not. We showed some flashes, but not enough.

BTW, five years into FBS and we still can't kick a field goal. That's making me crazy. Hold a tryout from the soccer team or something. Damn...


UMass write-up on the game. Post game quotes (.pdf)

Louisiana Tech's write-up.

Dan Malone says the Bulldog offense was too much for UMass. reports Carlos Henderson had a monster night of 326 yards and 5 TD's.

Matty Vautour says UMass couldn't keep up.


BYU, Mississippi State and Tulane all played Friday night.

Florida blew out Missouri 40-14 and move into the top of the SEC East.

Boston College had a bye.

Old Dominion had a bye.

South Carolina had a bye.

Troy beat Georgia State 31-21.

UNLV edged Hawaii 41-38.


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