Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Day after Old Dominion--October 8th, 2016

Well, the Minutemen played hard, but not much went right, especially offensively, in last night's game. The lone bright spot was UMass finally found it's running game as Marquis Young had 163 yards and over a 7 yards/carry average. The killer was the Monarchs finished drives with a field goal or a TD. UMass did not. The offense went 2-10 on third downs and 0-2 on fourth. Ford tossed two bad INT's, both of which stopped potential scoring drives.

The Minutemen defense was able to dial up pressure on Old Dominion's QB all night, but was vulnerable to the run. UMass'  two best run stoppers, Shane Huber and Tedrick Lowery DNP.  That hurt. UMass was also without Khary Bailey-Smith and Lee Moses in the secondary. Both starting safeties DNP.

QB Ross Comis was hurt. Not sure what his status is.


UMass write-up.

Old Dominion's write-up.


Dan Malone reports UMass suffered its third straight loss.

The Hampshire Gazette says UMass falls at Old Old Dominion.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" recaps the Old Dominion game.

The Virginia Pilot says the Monarchs bowled over the Minutemen.

The Daily Press reports Jeremy Cox's 162 yards and two TD's powered Old Dominion past UMass.

Rotoworld says Cox plowed his way to 162 yards and two TD's.


Louisiana Tech's QB Ryan Higgins threw for 454 yards and five TD's in the Bull Dogs win over Western Kentucky.


Clemson crushed Boston College 56-10.



Anonymous said...

Poorly officiated game that blatently favored OD. Lot's of no calls for OD and questionable calls against UMass that hurt us during crucial times b4 the game was decided. Game would have been a lot closer if not for the officiating. OD did not have one holding call all night on the offensive line. Just doesn't happen. Mack is so big I believe the officials think he is holding as guys get swallowed up when he engages.

With that being said, we had trouble tackling their bigger backs and big wide receivers with a lot of our second/third team guys filling in for injuries and the bad officiating may not have mattered anyway.

Two things are apparent, we are beat up but our guys are playing hard. We will get a few b4 the season is over.

Anonymous said...

We'll get a few b4 the season's over? Care to share which one(s)? This team is beat up, and of course we get no real info on why some of those players were out of the lineup, leading to speculation of disciplinary suspensions etc. Sadly the season is unfolding as horrifically as the "doom and gloomers" said it would. As for a head coaching change....may have to happen before we join the ranks of Hofstra, BU, and Northeastern.

Anonymous said...

The turning point was the ignoring of the fumble on the punt return.Both the officials ignored it,as well as the UMass coaching staff. Can someone ask Whipple what he was thinking at the time, and now! I think that is what you call,"southern justice".

Anonymous said...

I agree, the officiating crew was not organized at all.

TopUMassFan said...

Playing with some of your best players hurt makes it hard to win. Having to line up against an opponent PLUS the officiating crew makes winning impossible.

Listening to the game, it sounded like the Minutemen were getting the short end of the stick.

Another strong recruiting class with help with the depth issues. Playing disciplined football will help with the officials.

A less difficult schedule next year should also help.

Until then, the growing pains will continue.

Anonymous said...

Athletic department in shambles, can't we do better? Years of poor management crippling every aspect of off field operations, so sad. Let's hope the AD doesn't give up, like his predecessors. Still needs to do a complete overhaul of every aspect of the department.

vetteson said...

I'm afraid we had our shot. With mounting injuries and not much passing ability we will hobble on with maybe a single win (Wagner, maybe). This has to change and UMass has to get into a conference because there is more and more murmuring about why UMass is spending money on FBS football. ODU can't be that much better than us but it was our second worst defeat of the season. Something has to give.

izy1 said...

In response to the previous comment "As for a head coaching change...." how quick you forget Charlie Molnar. At least the team is working together to try
and win. I'll take Whipple any day. At least the team isn't getting obliterated by 30-40 points as they did under Chuckie the Clown.

Anonymous said...

Chuckie the Clown truly had 1AA players against FBS teams. Whipple 2.0 is now in his third year and many would argue that the game has passed him by. No fire on the sidelines, no sense of urgency in situations that would seem to call for it. Guarantee that Bamford has his eyes closely focused on the HC.

Minutfanjsf said...

Chuckie had no FCS guys left, because he made them all leave. MW had to start from scratch. AD is giving hi the benefit of the doubt for at least this and next year. Molnar did more to destroy this program than people know. If Whip can’t do it next year, his seat will get hot. Personally I think the seat should be hot sooner, but he’s going to be given more.