Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sunday after Tulane--October 2nd, 2016

Well that was disappointing. UMass made some mistakes that we just could not make against a beatable team like Tulane. Once again, the Minutemen could not run the ball. Ford was ineffective after the first two series. The Minutemen WR corps, except for Andy Isabella, disappeared. The UMass defense, which was on the field a long time, did not wrap up in a couple of Tulane's possessions. And the UMass defensive secondary allowed a number of big plays over the top.

It ended up being an exciting game as Comis, still favoring his shoulder, brought us back in the fourth quarter. However, it ended up as another loss.

There was a very large crowd around the stadium, but it looked like most of the students didn't go in. And those that did left after the first quarter, when UMass was winning.


UMass write-up. Post game quotes.


Dan Malone says a change in quarterback was not enough to avoid a loss to Tulane.

He also reports an early surge was not enough to defeat Tulane.

Matty Vautour reports UMass faded after an early lead.

In his notes, Matty relates UMass was playing without three defensive starters.

The UMass Daily Collegian reports the Minutemen dropped a close game.

The Advocate reports Tulane had its biggest comeback win since 2009.


UMass opponents went 10-1 over the weekend. BYU beat Toledo Friday night.

Florida eeked out a win against Vanderbilt.

Boston College held Buffalo to 67 total yards.

FIU got their first win over FAU.

Old Dominion blasted Charlotte 52-17.

Louisiana Tech beat UTEP 28-7.

South Carolina lost to Texas A&M.

Troy spoiled Idaho's Homecoming.

Wagner crushed Sacred Heart.

Hawaii ended a nine-game conference losing streak.



TopUMassFan said...

That was a MAJOR disappointment! Once again, UMass cannot get to a three-score lead and once again, a most winnable game turns into a loss. It's these types of losses that are killing the fan base; people are tired of seeing defeat grabbed from the jaws of victory.

I hate to say it but this loss sits on the shoulders of the Coaching staff. Up 14-0, it looked like a runaway with Ford, Brenermam and Isabella moving the ball freely down the field. When Tulane finally got rolling, the UMass coaches couldn't come up with a plan to stop them. When the defense did manage to force a punt, an EXTREMELY STUPID roughing the kicker penalty gave Tulane 1st&10 and 15 yards. Undisciplined play. Later on, trailing by two scores with 3:30 AND 3 timeouts left, UMass let the clock run and played with little or no urgency.

As far as the fans are concerned, I'm convinced there are a few true UMass football fans and many loyal Band parents that attend games at McGuirk...the rest outside are fans of tailgating,and nothing more.

izy1 said...

I really thought UMASS was going to pull that one off. Two TD's in first 10 minuttes of play was encouraging to see. The team is playing much better now especially against stronger conference teams that everyone has thought they could never do.
Sometimes losing by 7 provides better lessons than a win.
Unfortunately, they suffered 3rd quarter burnout again that they can't seem to overcome.
I know they changes will come-GO UMASS

Anonymous said...

I walked past that "large crowd" in the parking lot on the way my seats. Wondered if things would look pretty packed inside, but those beer-drinking parking lot dwellers had ZERO interest in actually seeing a football game. Disappointing look and feel to the stadium with so many empty seats, and can someone please tell the band not to play to the empty press box side. It's really ridiculous as they play with their backs to the more populated side of the stands. Just plain stupid.

What LP said...

Attendance was horrible as it was against Fiu. I do not want to hear anymore western mass UMass fans bitching about games at Gillette.