Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday before Wagner--October 24th, 2016

UMass has the post-game notes and quotes from the South Carolina game up.


Matty Vautour reports mistakes at South Carolina will haunt the Minutemen. He's right. UMass could have won that game. The Minutemen played perhaps their best game of the season Saturday. They moved the ball all game against the Gamecocks defense. Clearly UMass had it's best balance on offense this season. They ran the ball effectively and that always helps. I think the UMass offensive line is coming together.

The defense too held their own on the line of scrimmage. Except for the first series, the defense defended the run game all afternoon. And remember the Gamecocks had great field position all day.


The State's Dave Cloninger says the UMass defense "couldn't stop warm butter sliding down a knife".  It's always nice to be a gracious winner.


No Vegas line on UMass' game with Wagner. Keepers College Football rankings has UMass by 8 points+ (.pdf download). At 1-7 Keeper has UMass at #125 (another .pdf download).


A British sports writer interviews Victor Cruz.

Tajae Sharpe caught four balls for 59 yards in Tennessee's loss to Colts.


James Lowenthal image
As you remember, I'm an amateur astronomer. I've blogged about UMass Large Millimeter Telescope before. reports on UMass getting a grant to install a new state-of-the-art imaging system for the LMT.

More info on the TolTEC camera. Congrats to the UMass astronomy team. They're doing exciting work.



Anonymous said...

If this team was getting blown out every game I don't think anyone would be nearly as frustrated. But because we have played solid football and even impressively at many times, albeit inconsistently, folks are ready to fire the coach, have him drawn and quartered, and then impaled. I say that some consequence needs to come squarely back at the players. There is definitely a will, and the ability, to play against the best competition in the country. This team is young and finding its identity, learning to play well with each other, and gaining confidence. The team has also suffered several injuries that have hurt. There are a few key components missing from the team. I never would have thought for a second that we would have been as competitive against three SEC teams as we were. There is no shame in what has been evidenced in this season. Could we have been more productive? Obviously. Could the team have reduced the mistakes? Yes. But I see a team on the rise, and I think we could upset BYU. I also think this team takes Troy and Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the more Maroon-colored posts I've seen in a long time.

Troy is 6-1 and a very talented team this year. We will not win that game, and I hope we do not see another LA Tech.

Could upset BYU? I mean Jesus....BYU has one of the best running games and running backs in the country. They are tailor-made to expose our defense's biggest weakness. I hope we raise our level of play as we've done against the SEC teams, but that game should never be in doubt for the Cougars.

Hawaii is the only game we have of the three where there is even a moderate chance to win. They are 4-3 however and have an offense that can be very quick strike. They will be deserved favorites, but a glimmer of hope exists there for UMass.

I very much believe we're going to be in the same situation as last season, a 2-9 team going on the road needing to earn an upset in their final game of the year in order to match the previous season's win total. Will we see a similar result? We'll find out 11/26.

Auntie Tona said...

I couldn't agree more.