Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day after South Carolina--October 23rd, 2016

Well we could have won that game. The 13 points off turnovers were the difference. Minus the turnovers the Minutemen played another strong game against an SEC team. The depleted UMass defense held the Gamecocks to 7 points in the second half and allowed no points in the fourth quarter. Also note five of South Carolina's drives started in UMass territory.

The UMass offense moved the ball all day with 23 first downs. The Minutemen went 3-4 on fourth downs and had 389 total yards of offense. South Carolina is a very bad offensive team, but their defense is another story.

We had another crappy day kicking the ball. We shanked a punt. Kicked the ball out of bounds on a kickoff and missed another reasonable field goal.

Anyway, it was another good effort and something to build off of.


The UMass website says the Minutemen comeback fell short.

The South Carolina website says the Gamecocks claimed a victory. Quotes from Coach Whipple and the UMass players here.


Dan Malone reports early miscues derailed a good UMass effort.

Matty Vautour reports the UMass comeback fell short.

Matty says UMass RB Marquis Young broke through in the loss to South Carolina.

The State says South Carolina held off UMass.

The Garnet & Black attack says the Gamecocks held off UMass.

Dave Cloninger says UMass abused the Gamecock defense all day.


Florida had a bye.

Boston College lost to Syracuse to run their ACC losing streak to a dozen.

FIU was blown out by Louisiana Tech.

Mississippi State lost to Kentucky on a last minute kick.

Tulane was dominated by Tulasa.

Old Dominion was crushed by Western Kentucky.

Hawaii beat Air Force in double overtime.


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izy1 said...

I give the team a LOT of credit for pushing back in the 3rd and 4th quarter.
They didn't burn out in the 3rd as in games past and came within 6 from a deficit.
Yep, early penalties and turnovers hurt but they came back and came close to a win against a strong SEC team.
Give the boys the credit they are due.
Chewing out a player for a mistake will make them learn from the mistake-they aint babies or fine china. So stop with the "poor baby they might get their widdle feewings hurt" talk. They are football players and if you all want to see a winning team-let Whipple coach them as he sees fit. He is on the field-we are not. Are there questionable plays-yes but so does every other team out there.
Go UMASS-kick some ass!