Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday--November 12th, 2015

Joe Colton and Logan Laurent are National Awards candidates. Worth mentioning is Colton is also a MAC academic award holder.


Dan Malone has a post on Colton and Laurent.


Bob McGovern says Whipple is focused on consistency.

He also has a post on Colton and Laurent.


Eastern Michigan will have a contest for students to throw beanbags in a container from 10 yards away to win a year's tuition. Lots easier to do than a 40-yard field goal.

EMU kicker Dylan Mulder has been nominated for the same award as Logan Laurent.


NIU beat Buffalo last night.

Bowling Green beat Western Michigan to win the MAC East title yesterday.


Remember the officials at the UMass-Temple game at Gillette? Tuesday, the officials stopped the Toledo-CMU game because the cheerleaders and the band were too loud...


Marken Michel's brother Sony Michel is playing for Georgia with a broken hand as well as hip and groin issues.


Yesterday was Veteran's Day and I missed this inspiring story about Marine veteran James Halford walking on at Indiana.



TopUMassFan said...

The other day, "MinuteFan posted a lengthy comment that was very much on the money.
He mentioned that it is time to consider a move back to FCS.

After four years of this, UMass STILL is the WORST FBS team in the land. And the losing isn't the worst part of it...that title goes to the lack of atmosphere or "feel" for the whole experience.

UMass gambled that they had a fan base outside of the Amherst area and they don't. Last year when Whip returned, it didn't generate much of an increase in attendance. When Froh and Tahje were lighting it up, not many more fans came out.

What's left of the fan base deserves to see a better product where there is some excitement involved. Games with rivals and tradition, Games like UMass -UNH or UMass -Delaware. No one cares about Akron or Toledo, and we lose those games to boot!

The Temple game may end up being the "high-water mark" of our journey into FBS waters. What could have been a "signature " win, became another example of how we snatch defeat from the hands of victory, time and time again.

If we're going to continue in FBS, UMass HAS TO FIGURE IT OUT NEXT YEAR ( w/brutal schedule )or there may not be anything left.

Anonymous said...

More money is lost in FCS. As President Meehan stated, FBS upgrade is, and has been a seven year build up. The main problem UMASS has for all sports, is lazy, uninvolved alumni, who are quick to give advice or criticize, but are slow to donate. UCONN alumni stepped up and bought tickets for FBS upgrade prior to winning games, at UMASS the same 10k come regardless to location.