Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday--November 20th, 2015

Matty Vautour reports UMass seniors look to go out on top.

Matty notes three of the 26 seniors: Khary Bailey-Smith, Jalen Williams and Bernard Davis will have a year of eligibility left.

Miami (Ohio) has two wins. One is over Eastern Michigan. The other was a 28-7 win over Presbyterian. The Blue Hose aren't one of FCS' stronger teams. They are 1-9 and the lone win is over the Campbell Camels...


Coach Whipple says Miami (Ohio) is a very resilient team.


The Miami Student says Red Hawks WR Sam Martin and QB Gus Ragland will not play due to injuries. Martin had a big game against the Minutemen last year.

The Student also has Miami senior superlatives.


Jordin Rinard and Michael Traini of Hustle Belt preview the Red Hawks-Minutemen game.


The Toledo Blade says right now, the Rockets are in the MAC's catbird seat regarding a bowl bid.


The NY Post says if your think Victor Cruz's NY Giants story is over, you don't know him.

CBS NY says you can't help rooting for Cruz to return.



vetteson said...

Watched UCF get hammered by ECU last night and during the game the announcers put up the worst (in their opinion) 6 teams in the country and we weren't one of them!!
Established FBS teams like Kansas, UCF and SMU were there, along with EMU. So there is hope.... This Saturday UMass will really have to screw up to loose. Run, run, run.

TopUMassFan said...

I know many of you will consider not going to the game tomorrow....nothing to play for, meaningless game or too many other things to do.

Please reconsider.

These Seniors endured four extremely hard years of FBS football. Too many heartaches and not enough glory. They deserve a big crowd, cheering for them one last time at home.
I'll be traveling from Topsfield to my seat in Section Four, Row M, Seat 16 as I have since I became a season ticket holder.

Will you be there?

UMass74 said...

Our group from Jaffrey, NH will be there.

Our worst FBS year for injuries, I think. The seniors have been through a lot. It sure would be nice for them (and us fans) to go out with four wins.

Anonymous said...

Our group will be there at 10:30AM tailgating and then going in at 12:45 PM to watch the win!!#goumass