Friday, November 13, 2015

Recruiting 2016--Jaquan McCullough

McCullough #3/Adrain Kraus image
Bob McGovern reports Jaquan McCullough a 6-0 180 pound WR from Erie Community College is receiving interest from UMass.

He's also the cousin of current UMass RB Marquis Young.

McGovern's article here.

Partial quote from a March 2015 article from

"Since leaving high school, McCullough has been working hard at his craft. It is his main focus as he looks to find a division one home to play college football.

”I know that I need to improve on speed,” McCullough said. “I’m working on preparing for real game situations as a receiver. But like I said, just improving my speed and my jumping ability. I know I’m good at route running. I’m still working at it, but speed is my main factor to improve on.

”Right now I’m working with a place called STA Performance in Buffalo right near the stadium to train me. has video.

McCullough ended up at a JUCO because of the type of HS he attended.

Also receiving interest from Buffalo.


vetteson said...

I have to weigh in on this discussion about dropping back to FCS. I have to say that I oppose it, demonstrably. As stated, football merely would become a money drain and more importantly it's an admission of failure before we had given the process enough time to develop more fully. Western Kentucky began it's BCS career with 2 wins in its first two years, then had winning seasons that included victories over FCS schools and other brand new BCS teams in the weak Sunbelt. University of Buffalo in its first four years in BCS had 0,2,3,1 wins and this included two losses to FCS teams. There are many similar examples. We're not there yet, we have a long way to go.

We are not in football rich country. Look at BC's current record, 3 wins, two over FCS teams. Even Connecticut isn't so hot these days, this year they have 5 wins, one over an FCS team, one over a weak Army team, and three over the weakest AAC teams. I am certain that with their schedule this year we would have a similar record.

So we have to recruit smarter and more ambitiously. And we have to mold our offense and defense around where most of the talent exists.

UMass74 said...

I know losing is making everyone crazy, but we are not the weakest team in FBS.

Injuries have derailed our win total this year. Before losing starters, we moved the ball on Notre Dame, Toledo and Temple. I agree the defense really needs work.

Four of our six 2016 recruits are three-star players. Any one of them would have been our best-ever FCS recruit. We just don't have any depth and with this year as our first year meeting the scholarship limit, that's not a big surprise.

Look at BC, they have one FBS win. Stuff happens. This has flat out been a miserable year, but I still think Whipple will get us into a FBS conference.

TopUMassFan said...

Football aside, the marketing of our product has yielded limited rewards. I think we had larger crowds in FCS than we do now.

As for the football, we still don't have a "signature" win after 3 3/4 years but we have some horrendous losses. Are recruits going to come here if this trend continues?

I'm not in favor of going backwards but I feel like I'm watching an old friend slip into a coma, with death knocking on the door.

We need something.

A blowout win.
A three game win streak.

Something to give us hope.

Go UMass! Let's finish strong!

izy1 said...

thing is the team plays good ball through 2 quarters and then they fizzle out and loose ground-that is what is frustrating everyone (including me). not sure what goes on in that locker room at the half-maybe they would be better served if they stayed on the field and waited for the opposing team to trot in.
I won't hold my breath for a win anytime soon, but I agree with vetteson, this is a painful process. I think we all got spoiled in the good old days of the CAA. FCS is a bigger animal to overcome, but will happen in time.
As I said before-the sky aint falling its just a game.