Monday, November 09, 2015

Monday--November 9th, 2015

Congrats to Tajae Sharpe for the UMass record---and he has three games to go.


Dan Malone says the Minutemen "D" got the job done, but the offense sputtered.

Dan has a post on Sharpe's new single-season receiving record.


Hustle Belt has the Minutemen #11 in the latest power rankings.


Vegas Insider has UMass by 7 over Eastern Michigan.


EMU Kicker Dylan Mulder kicked a 55-yard field goal in the Eagles loss to Miami (Ohio).


Toledo's loss to NIU knocked the Rockets out of the Top-25 polls and almost out of the "others receiving votes category. Notre Dame is knocking on the playoffs door and Temple stayed around the #21 region.



vetteson said...

Ok, I doubt Coach Whipple or any of the coaching staff check this site because he already knows what's being said. It is in his genes to throw the ball, even if it is to nowhere. Is he possibly squandering what's left of the season? Likely so as evidenced over the last two games. I mentioned earlier that Comis is the obvious successor to Blake and has a very different style; he can throw but he can run too. He is more characteristic of MAC QB's. But don't count on seeing him unless Blake is hurt. We will loose the last two games if the current status of the receivers continues.

Anonymous said...

Answer to NJuMASS08: Btw, does anyone know the older gentleman who sits at the top of 109 in the folding chairs near the aisle? I keep meaning to catch his name. I always chat with him throughout the game on my way to the concessions or bathroom. Very nice guy and is always at the games.

Answer... His name is Leo.. He used to be on the sidelines maintaining the phones for the coaches before they became wireless.

UMass74 said...

If anyone see Leo, tell him "Hi!" from Frank.

I saw Coach Hodges after the game last Saturday. Din't say much. Neither of us was in the mood to chat :(