Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday--November 22nd, 2015

What a star-crossed year this has been! I've blogged several times about how UMass stayed healthy during our 1998 Championship.

Yesterday, and I'm not making this up, the person side of me said "Where's the rest of our team?". I too was waiting for a bunch more players to exit the locker room. It looked like the Miami (Ohio) traveling squad had more players than UMass did.

Here they are:

The only remaining suspense for this year is if UMass will have 48 players to take to Buffalo.

Still lots of support for a 2-9 squad. You have to wonder what the attendance would be if we had a winning team.




Washington State beat Colorado.

Notre Dame survived 5 turnovers to beat BC 19-16 at Fenway. Hey, we still have one more FBS win than the Eagles.



MinuteFan said...

I don't want to say too much negative here, only because I greatly respect the effort this senior class has put in and what they have had to endure for four years. A decade ago a 7 win season was considered average for a UMass football team. These kids won 7 games for their entire career. I made the 120 mile drive yesterday and ate the other three tickets as usual to pay my respects to them, and I'm glad I did.

Let's not lean too heavily on the injury excuse. The offense yesterday was pretty much completely healthy, and they were terrible again. And the injuries are not all a result of "bad luck" or being "star-crossed". They have no business playing the likes of Notre Dame where they are so totally physically overmatched. Expect more "unlucky" injuries next year when they bang heads with Florida, Miss. State, South Carolina, BYU, etc. Even BC will outweigh them along the line by 30 pounds.

You can blame the offensive line, as Whipple did in his post-game, but I'm not sure any line, including one from the NFL, can give Frohnapfel the 20 seconds he needs to unload the ball. Enough said there.

I just sense that the players and coaches had the same high hopes for this team we all did at the start of the year. And when it was obvious half way through that there would be no race for the MAC title, no Bowl eligibility, no 5 or 6 wins, I think players and coaches alike played like they just wanted it to be over. And now it is.

Maybe next year it will be just the opposite. Looking at that schedule, its hard to find 3 wins, so maybe the team will play over their heads and get 4 or 5. It's hard to look forward to it for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for another quote from one of the players, like, 'we want to beat Buffalo and especially the next 12 games, next year'. Why the players constantly looked ahead, counted wins before getting any. This past week's motto was we want to win our last three. Game by game PLEASE? I predict this team lays down against Buffalo, Whipple has a history of throwing away late season games. It seems to me he has a defeatist attitude, which the players have bought into.

TopUMassFan said...

I went to the game and was glad I did. I do believe this team underachieved and had the habit of playing down to their competition.

That having been said, I think they had a chance yesterday. Late in the fourth quarter, they were driving, had Miami on their heels...and the refs reviewed a play that needed no review.

Sucked the momentum out of our sails, gave Miami a chance to catch their breath.

Two incomplete passes, a an run for seven yards and then an interception. Game over.

Earlier, there was indisputable pass interference on Miami on call ( we got roughing the passer same play). Refs didn't give UMass many breaks this year...good riddance to the MAC.

minutefanjsf said...

I think depth is surely a factor. We did not have a a full compliment of starters yesterday or for the season. Michel was not healthy yesterday. We had one serviceable WR and the O-line didn't even give Froh 3 seconds to throw, never mind the time he needed to find a bunch of guys on go routes and no one underneath-I assume player mistakes, due to all the fill ins, but could be play design, I guess. We have bigger guys for the line next year already in the pipeline-Red Shirted and recruits, hopefully they will provide depth and contribute immediately.

UMass74 said...

Michel, who was supposed to give us a second receiver, didn't last much past the first half. We were playing a DB at wide receiver late in the game...

Anonymous said...

If you have no receivers, why do you throw it 80% of the time?

Anonymous said...

With all said above regarding injuries, depth, and Coach Wipple's frustration, I think that MW's goal was to improve the record, develope younger players and spotlight Froh in hopes of making UMass an option for future 4 star QBs. Froh is still an extremely knowledgable and skilled QB but he gets no time and he may be hurt. I think that the play calling is an attempt to generate stats to attract the next great QB recruit.

Anonymous said...

no run game = no clock mgt. = defense gassed in the 2nd half
no run attempts = always third and long
where has Woodley been all year....the guy has had great games for umass
did Michigan state pass at all to defeat ohio state?

UMass74 said...

We haven't been able to run the ball this year. We basically don't have a TE on the squad. Besides Sifrin, Jon Denton, our blocking TE also did not return. All we have is 220 pound H-backs. That doesn't give us any short passing game. Defenses have to respect the TE slipping the block and the QB making a short pass to the TE. In our case, they don't. Frohnapfel has no one to dump the ball to quickly.

So if we put an extra lineman in for blocking, then the defense can just ignore the pass and crash everybody down to stop the run.

The pro-set offense works a lot better when you've got someone like Sifrin to throw to.

An FBS-level TE recruit should be a top priority this year unless Travis Reynolds, or Artayvious Lynn (after hopefully gaining 35 pounds) are the real deal.