Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday--November 28th, 2015

Frohnapfel, Young and Sharpe
Great win for the Minutemen yesterday. Instead of living with a loss for the next nine months, we get finish out with a win and something to build off of.

The revamped OL did an excellent job with Josh Bruns at RT. Dan DiNicola played most of the game and played well.

Marquis Young, who should win his second Gold Helmet Award, ran for 240 yards (6.9 yards/carry). That's the most single game yards in fifteen years (Kevin Quinlan ran for 241 against Northeastern on 10/07/2000).

Blake Frohnapfel, who was playing hurt this year according to Rene Ingoglia, scored the game-winning TD by using all of that 6-7 height to score the winning TD at the end of the first half. Tajae Sharpe has a critical reception to keep that final drive going.

The defense played strong all day. Trey Dudley-Giles actually had two INT's (one was taken away by a real bad call from the Field Judge). And you know that Joe Colton had to tip that late INT to Da'Sean Downey (who make a smart football play by hitting the turf) to seal the win.


UMass write-up on the game.

Bulls write-up.


Matty Vautour says it was an emotional win for the Minutemen.

Matty says Buffalo didn't recruit Marquis Young.

Blake Fronapfel praised the makeshift Minutemen OL.


Dan Malone says the Minutemen held on late.

Dan reports the Buffalo win eased some of the pain of 2015.


Bob McGovern says the Minutemen ran over the Bulls.


The Worcester Telegram says Marquis Young led the Minutemen to victory.

The Boston Herald says UMass leaves the MAC on a high note.

The Niagara Gazette says the Bulls missed a chance to play in a bowl game.

Rotoworld comments on Marquis Young's 240 yards.


All the MAC results here.

Western Michigan beat Toledo. That should knock the Rockets out of the Top-25 and cost the MAC a New Year's Day bowl game.



izy1 said...

That one inteception call on Dudley-Giles in the end zone was bogus.

izy1 said...

Hey Frank-fix your headers only one can be correct!
Sunday--November 28th, 2015

UMass74 said...

I'm usually doing this on a Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

Love this blog. Check it with coffee every morning. Thanks so much for the effort.

UMass74 said...
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UMass74 said...

Thanks for the kind words! Some days it was tough to stay positive, but I like the hard corps types, both fans and players. There was a lot of adversity this year. I was really, really happy for the fans, players and coaches we were able to go out on a win.

Go UMass!!

Minutefanjsf said...

The fact that the kids did not pack it in and put together its best team effort shows we are most likely turning the corner. The cultural shift is noticeable. The player quotes also indicate support for the program, very different than two years ago. I remember Blanchflower's comments on Molnar,mans this year's seniors are a 180 from that.