Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday--November 23rd, 2015

It's Thanksgiving week. As of 6:45 AM, neither UMass or Buffalo have their game notes up.


Bob McGovern report the Minutemen fell flat during their last home game.


Three turnovers figured heavily in the Bulls loss to Akron.

Buffalo also lost their A.D. to UCF.


Vegas has the Bulls by 6 over the Minutemen. They have Temple by 12.5 over UConn, Notre Dame by 2 over Stanford, Utah over Colorado by 15.5 and BC (!?) by 4.5 over Syracuse.

Keepers College Football rankings has Buffalo by 10.62 over UMass (.htm download).


NIU continues to dominate the MAC.

The Chicago Sun-Times say NIU is becoming the Mr. Football of November.


Toledo regained a spot in the AP poll at #24. Notre Dame is #4 and Temple is #25. The Coaches poll is roughly the same, but Toledo is first in the "others receiving votes" catagory.



Anonymous said...

Fire every one of them!!

vetteson said...

Two win year I'm afraid. Reasons more than apparent. Look towards next year? Maybe not; completely new offense and defense. We've seen a little of the next DBs, lot of work needed there. No obvious tight end in picture, certainly no defensive ends, right now the only bright spots are Comis and Young. The depth chart will be pretty grim.

Anonymous99 said...

Hello, I'm switching my alliance from BC.

UMass is closer to me, and the administration there seem to actually care about their sports teams, unlike BC. Saturday's game against Miami was my first. I'm enthused to follow this team next year as well as this week against Buffalo.

TopUMassFan said...

On an entirely different note...

Someone explain to me how a 7-4 UNH team qualifies for the FCS Playoffs AND GETS A HOME GAME, TO BOOT! Back in the day, a 7-4 UMass team wouldn't have even qualified.

I quests they take anyone now.

Minutefanjsf said...

FCS playoffs have expanded to include more teams since UMASS left. Also the CAA is like a mini SEC.

TopUMassFan said...

Atlantic 10 was always one of the best conferences when UMass was there.I remember us being "snubbed" a few times, least of which was the Colgate home playoff game.

I'll be at UNH Saturday rooting my ass off for Colgate.