Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sunday--November 8th, 2015

OK, sometimes in life your efforts are not only unrewarded, but unappreciated. Yesterday was one of those days.

Did you notice what has changed over the last two games? Now that both Sharpe and Mills are both playing hurt nobody is getting separation on passing plays. Frohnapfel either has to hold the ball or force it into coverage. With its two offensive playmakers hurt, the Minutemen offense has just stalled. We threw the ball on Notre Dame and Temple. It's not like Whipple suddenly forgot how to coach or Frohnapfel throw the ball. Without our vertical passing game, our offense just does not function. We could really use a bye week to get healthy.

Again, on the unrewarded side, the defense played well enough to win. UMass had only 2 penalties.

I can't complain about yesterday. Sharpe and Mills played the best they could under the circumstances (as has all the other injured players this year). Frohnapfel will never mention his receivers not getting open and Whipple will not mention injuries. The professional media won't pick up on it either, but I think UMass getting its playmakers hurt that has derailed this season.


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BC lost its sixth straight.

UConn beat Tulane 7-3.

Notre Dame beat Pitt to continue its playoff bid run.

#9 Stanford crushed Colorado.



Anonymous said...

If you know going into the game that you don't have any receivers to regularly get open, then why don't you change your plan? It is a team use all your pieces. Comis could play some to mix it up, he certainly can improvise much better that Fro. Our attack right now is as predictable as the sky darkening in the evening. Whipple is too stubborn to admit his flaws on offense.

Kc9054 said...

I agree 100% on the comment above - our 'attack' is becoming very , very predictable ...

minutefanjsf said...

The plan of attack was very different in this game. We ran a lot more and played ball control until they stopped us at that. And, with the talent we have there are not that many plans that will be effective.

Anonymous said...

A mobile QB would have helped...