Friday, November 27, 2015

Game Day--Buffalo November 27th, 2015


From Matty Vautour:

My wet last tweet didn't go. UMass won 31-26. Lot of happy people outside UMass locker room


Like everything else this year, today's game is going to be a tough row to hoe, Only two days of practice and the injury situation should make the Minutemen a fairly large underdog.

The 09/03/15 defensive backfield depth chart:

CB Randall Jette
SS Trey Dudley-Giles
FS Khary Bailey-Smith
CB Kelton Bracket

If Randall Jette is not available, today's starting defensive backfield could be:

CB DuVaughn Beckford
SS Jesse Monteiro
FS Joe Colton
CB James Oliphant

The Bulls have turned the ball over in recent games. If UMass can get some momentum, maybe we could get the upset. It would certainly be a morale booster to the team and us fans.

I'll be watching and rooting for the Minutemen.

Go UMass!!!


UPDATE: Dan Malone has how to watch today's game.


Joe Colton is subject of this essay by Bob McGovern.


The game will be live on ESPNU.

Matty Vautour reports UMass may be without Blake Frohnapfel and Randall Jette.


Buffalo blog Bull Run simulates today's game.

The Buffalo News previews the Minutemen-Bulls game.

The Buffalo News also says the Bulls defense needs to step up.

The Niagra Gazette says Buffalo needs a win to be bowl eligible.

With only one win over a team with a wining record, the Bulls may not be picked for a bowl anyway.


#24 Toledo tries to avoid an upset by Western Michigan.



UMass74 said...

Boy that Field Judge is really trying to get Buffalo to 6-6. Two really bad calls against the Minutmen!!

TopUMassFan said...

So happy for the team, especially the Seniors and Coaches.

If you didn't know their record and tuned in just for the UMass interception, you would have thought they had just protected an undefeated season or had just become bowl eligible. Not the case but great to see.

This team needed to win in the worst way, they needed something to build off of for next year. They worked and worked and refused to quit. Too many names to single out...a great TEAM win.

BTW, love that uniform combination!

izy1 said...

Good game and they played hard all 4 quarters. Run game was better and Young is going to be the one to watch going forward. Defense was solid and held UB a fair part of the game. UB was 3 and out more times than not. Congrats to the senior class on the WIN, a lot of good talent will be missed.
Goodbye to the MAC. Next year they only have to prove they are good enough to go head to head with the big boys.Need a good QB to take over.