Saturday, November 07, 2015

Game Day Akron--November 7th, 2015

The weather is supposed to be partly sunny with a high of 61 degrees at Gillette----and that's about as good as it gets for November. Hope to see everyone there.

Today UMass faces another good defense but offensively challenged team. The Minutemen need to score when the chances allow. We can't miss field goals or throw interceptions inside the red zone.

We can't not make fourth-and-one's to give the Zips' offense a short field. A couple of turnovers by the Minutemen defense would help.

Just play hard and cut down on the mistakes. A win today would be a big boost for everyone's morale

Go Offense! Go "D"! Go UMass!!


Matty Vautour says some wins would be consolation for the seniors. Tajae Sharpe needs five catches to break Jimmy Moore's all-time UMass single season record. Moore did it in fifteen games.

The NCAA record of 155 for single season catches is held by Freddie Barnes, Bowling Green in 2009.


Today's game will be nationally televised on CBSSports Channel.

Dan Malone previews the Zips game.

Dan has five keys to the game.

Scouting the Zips by the numbers.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- says the Zips are preparing for another aerial assault.


Temple scored 60 points on SMU last night.

Notre Dame plays Pitt today.

FIU meets Charlotte .

Colorado plays 9th-ranked Stanford.

BC tries to break a five game losing streak against North Carolina State.

UConn is a six-point favorite over 2-6 Tulane.



Anonymous said...

I said it yesterday and I will say it again, Whipple's refusal to establish the run and run on first down has cost this team dearly. It has effectively lost them the game today with the defense playing great and Blake under constant pressure. 2nd and 3rd and 10's won't win you any games, pathetic excuse for play calling and if I was the AD I would be waiting for Whipple outside the locker room after the game. Enough is enough already, this is a joke!

MinuteFan said...

So much to say about how terribly disappointing this season has been. For the first time in 4 years, there seemed to be reason for optimism. Now, facts need to be faced. This is the worst FBS team in the country. Next year, the game against Wagner could be their only win. Even if by some miracle they are better in 2017, will there be anyone left to watch it?

I know people are complaining about lack of running plays on offense and Frohnapfel being the problem. I was at the game yesterday and here is what I saw.

Although I would have liked to see more running plays as well, they were really only effective when Wilson was in there, and he appeared to get hurt. Wilson was getting 6 or 7 yards on most carries. When they ran Young, he was largely innefective. He is a breakaway threat if he gets in the clear, but most of his carries were stopped at the line of scrimmage.

Frohnapfel had another awful day, but if you were at the game, you could see that no one was open on most passing plays. And I mean no one, with the occasional exception of Mills. Sharpe was clearly playing hurt or he would have torched that secondary. Michel is out. So its not like Blake had many real options. So he just chucked it up to guys who were covered all day. At this point, he is a mess. For a smart kid, he is now making horrible decisions. On a 4th down desperation play in the 4th quarter, he had about 5 seconds to throw but took a sack. I know no one was open, but its 4th down. Chuck it up there, maybe your receiver makes a play or you get a pass interference call. You CANNOT be sacked after 5 seconds of standing there. I know Whipple doesn't want to bench him as if this train wreck were his fault, but it would actually be in Blake's best interest to sit a while. This is not going to get any better. Maybe Comis could make some plays with his legs when everyone is covered.

Right now, its more than just bad losses piling up. This program is in real trouble. I have 4 club seats and this is the second game in a row I went by myself because my friends would rather rake leaves than watch this for free. With the onslaught of TV timeouts, that was a more than 3 1/2 hour game yesterday. Could anyone find even 5 minutes of real entertainment yesterday? Not even the most loyal supporters can keep this up indefinitely. Everyone at the stadium is trying hard to make it work. People are tailgating, they have activities for kids, the band is playing. But eventually you have to go inside to watch football, and fewer and fewer people are doing so. And spare me the lack of marketing the games talk. Step one of promotion is having a product to sell.

I know we are locked in to some sort of independent schedule for the next few years, and everyone will preach patience and that we can't give up. I'll keep going to the games, but I hope that somewhere in the background the groundwork is being laid for an eventual return to FCS when this all falls apart. For those of you who prefer to travel to Notre Dame and Florida to see 40 point losses, I'm sorry. But give me a competitive game with UNH any day. I miss actually looking forward to football season.