Sunday, November 01, 2015

Sunday--November 1st, 2015

Well, yesterday was another down day for UMass football. Most disturbing was the ineffectiveness of the offense. UMass has gotta score to win.

Was Tajae Sharpe hurt or sick? He dropped a pass that would have continued a UMass drive and had two offside penalties. Frohhapfel threw another INT in the endzone to kill another drive. And I think it was Elgin Long who dropped a fourth down pass that hit him right in the numbers to stall yet another UMass drive.

The defense didn't do that bad. One of the Ball state drives was due to a short field. However, two of the defensive interference calls were definitely on us. Brackett and Jette were all over the receiver.

Not much going right for the Minutemen at this time.


UMass writeup.

Ball State says they shut down UMass.


Matty Vautour says missed opportunities doomed the Minutemen.


Dan Malone says the offense sputtered.

Dan says the loss guaranteed UMass to finish under .500.

Dan has five takeaways for the Ball State loss.

Coach Whipple says the Cardinals make more plays.


MAC football results here.


Temple lost to Notre Dame in a close game.

Colorado lost to UCLA.

FIU lost to FAU.


Under the "misery loves company" department, UMass was six points better than Boston College who lost to the Hokies.


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