Friday, November 06, 2015

Friday--November 6th, 2015

Senior Joey Colton reflects on his last trip to Gillette.


The Boston Globe says Joey Colton still believes.


UMass is #115 in rushing offense.

The Minutemen are #117 in total defense.

Blake Frohnapfel is #19 in passing yards.

Tajae Sharpe is #1 in receptions/game.

Jovan Santos-Knox is #8 and Joe Colton is #45 in total tackles.


The Worcester Telegram has post about athletes in the Ashburnham Hall-of-Fame. It includes John Griffin who had a great year in 2010 for the Minutemen after transferring from Northeastern.


UMass DB Trey Dudley-Giles gets some mentions in the article about Zephyhills coach Reggie Roberts Sr by the Tampa Tribune.


Kent State lost by one to Buffalo last night.

Ball State was blown out by Western Michigan.

Toledo needs to win its last three games to have a chance to win the MAC West. The loss to NIU should knock the Rockets out of the Top-25 polls.



Anonymous said...

We need to establish and commit to the run game this weekend, we have the backs to do it, but just need Whipple to make the adjustment. We could have run for over 200 yards last week @ Ball State, but for some reason Whipple refuses to run first to set up Blake's play action capabilities. The pistol formation needs to be abandoned and we can become multiple out of the I formation.

It's not hard, just need our head coach to swallow his pride and do it.

Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn...Fro may have a good arm, but he definitely is not a leader in games. Is Comis? We won't know until next year...because the coach will let his QB lead him to defeat. Don't say he wasn't given enough chances.