Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Wednesday--October 2, 2013

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The UMass website has an article on Sha-Ki Holines transferring to UMass.

BTW, UMass has also added Hassan Graham.

Graham's NCSA recruiting profile. Rivals two-star player.


UMass its game notes for Bowling Green up.

So does Bowling Green.

From the Depth Chart:

In a big change from 2012, four of the Minutemen offensive linemen have started all four games this year. Anthony Dima, Tyrell Smith, Vincent Westcarr and David Osei have started every game. Matt Sparks has three starts and Fabian Hoeller has one.


Rant Sports reports UMass hopes to score an upset against Bowling Green this Saturday.


Dan Malone has Ricardo Miller looks to increase his production after a slow start. UMass could definitely  use some offensive stats from a receiver not named Tajae Sharpe.


Matty V. says UMass looks to a new season with the start of MAC conference play.

Matty points out that the 2013 UMass offensive line is tied for first place in the league for fewest sacks allowed. That's excellent given the Minutemen's killer schedule so far.

On the negative side, UMass is tied for last in conference in defensive sacks. Hopefully, the new 4-3 defense will help the Minutemen defenders get more pressure on opposing QB's.


Bill Durkin returns to coaching at Bowling Green. Durkin's Falcon bio.


A Hustle Belt writer thinks UMass won't cover the spread against Bowling Green.


Because of the government shutdown, Saturday's Boston College-Army game is in limbo.


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