Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday--October 21, 2013

Good Morning from New Holland, PA. Mrs Blog gets some recompense for attending that freezing, miserable game at Buffalo.


Dan Malone points out UMass is flirting with historic futility on offense.


The UMass Daily Collegian says UMass was stomped by the Bulls.


Matt Daley of Hustle Belt said Buffalo extended its dominance.

UMass stayed #11 in Hustle Belt's weekly MAC power rankings.

NIU was ranked #18 in ESPN's first BCS ranking of 2013.


Keepers College Football ratings has UMass a 12.10 point favorite over Western Michigan.

Vegas Insider has the Minutemen by 2.


The Boston Herald says Justin Anderson adds pressure for UMass.

I mentioned yesterday, that I thought the UMass defense played well despite the score. Anderson was the second leading tackler with 5 UT 3AT and 8 TT. Those are good numbers for a DT. Galen Clemons had 5 TT and Kevin Byrne had 4TT. The Minutemen also had 5 TFL.

Buffalo had good field position during the game. The Bulls started on the UMass 48 and then four times near midfield on their own 44, and 48 (three times).


Western Michigan's offense only scored 10 points in their 38-17 loss to Ball State last week.

Clearly the team that reaches double digits in this week's Homecoming game at Gillette will win the game....

Western Michigan's assistant coach Ed Pinkham has special feelings about the pink gear being worn by football teams in the fight against breast cancer.


Football Scoop has the prognosis for the seven remaining winless FBS teams. UConn got whacked by Cincinnati Saturday, so their chances are 1-6 Temple and 2-4 SMU.



vetteson said...

Well is UMass is certainly consistent, you can script their performance from here on. Good defense until they wear out, usual inconsistent offense. Yes, who ever gets to 14 next week will win.

Also, when refs flag the bench, you know they blew calls.

Noel E. said...

I'm really conflicted. We were a great 1-AA program that brought excitement to us fans. Now, we're we're Div1 but an abysmal excuse for a football team at any level with fans jumping off the ship.
I want to blame someone and vent my anger, but I also appreciate the difficulty of moving up to Div 1. On the other hand, we're not in the SEC or Big Ten and we fared very well against the MAC before the move.
The level of my frustration could be measured on the Richter Scale. I simply can't tolerate it any longer and must revert to staid lessons learned over the years. I am now firmly committed to getting rid of the entire coaching staff and trying to move forward. CM has been a plague on our formerly successful program and he and his disciples must go.

Anonymous said...

Please leave Charley Mo alone, the man is doing the best he can, NC St offered A J Doyle but as a LB, they knew that he wasn't QB material. Wentz is from Tenn, if he was any good someone from the south would have offered him. There is not one FCS or D-2 team either one of our QBs can start for, prove me wrong! We have no TE, yes I said it , to include Blanchflower, overrated in ever area and can not stay healthy. Entire O-line is at best D2 material. Kicking game is horrific!

Defense is on point, probably one of the best at UMASS in 10 years. We will beat Western Michigan on the play of our defense, our offense have scored a total of 58 points the entire season, we cant win like that , the coaching staff is not to blame, they just don't have the horses on offense.

Anonymous said...

Molnar has two years worth of his 'horses' on offense. Whipple found Zullo, Jimmy Moore within about a month of being hired. Find some playmakers, not some new excuses.

Anonymous said...

Leave Charley alone? Good idea! Better yet, lets leave him back in Amherst next game and allow the offensive coordinator to actually do the play calling. While we are at it,lets leave Sollazo back there too. Ok,we can leave the entire staff back there. I am sure we could find some qualified high school coaches from the area that could have some fun with the talent that is on this team. Charley is doing the best he can, which is not helping these players develop. The loss to Maine sealed his fate, no doubt. Check the real estate ads, I am sure if this staff purchased homes we will see them on the market soon enough.