Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday--October 27, 2013

Khari Baily-Smith hits the crease

Last man to beat


Jamal Wilson scores

Rob Blanchflower TD
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Well, boys and girls, that was a team loss. The defense, which had been the mainstay of team, tackled poorly and allowed a game-winning TD with about 4:00 minutes to play.

Blake Lucas missed two FG's, either one would have ended up winning the game. The chip-shot in the fourth quarter was the back-breaker.

I wouldn't have gone for two. UMass had the momentum. I would have sent it into overtime and kept playing.

In Coach Molnar's defense, it looked like UMass had two open receivers. Doyle just didn't hit them.

UPDATE: I have been thinking about my above comment. The Bronco coverage was decent. I should not have characterized the receivers as "open". The receivers would have had to go and get the ball and maybe out-wrestle the defender. However, A.J. threw it high and away, nobody even had a chance to make a play.

Another win is going to be tough to come by in 2013.


One positive note 20, 571 fans at Gillette yesterday. UMass fans have been really coming through. Imagine the crowds we'd be drawing if we were winning.

UMass falls short on a missed two-point conversion. Rob Blanchflower says he agrees with the call to go for two.

The Associated Press says UMass loses a close one.

The Hampshire Gazette reports UMass falls on a missed two-point conversion.

Matty Vautour says the two-point try brings Molnar under fire again.

MLive says Western Michigan gets their first win.

The Battle Creek Enquirer says Terrell passes the Broncos to victory.

The Kalamazoo Gazette reports Western Michigan celebrates.


All the MAC results here.


Misery loves company.

UConn annihilated.

BC steamrolled.


Maine won again to remain undefeated in FCS. The Black Bears have probably clinched a at-large bid and are now playing for the CAA Championship.

Kansas State pounded West Virginia.

Johnny Manziel and the Texas Aggies crushed Vanderbilt.



C Verc said...

I have been a loyal alumni season ticket holder at Gillette for two years. Up until now I have given the coaches a pass. But an all out blitz on a third and 8 from midfield that isolates a linebacker on a wide receiver and goes for a touchdown, and going for two at the end of the game are horrible decisions. Give the kids a chance to compete and win and not the roll of the dice with 50/50 plays. Also robbed the fans the chance to see an exciting overtime. Terrible...

Anonymous said...

It has never been more obvious that our biggest deficiency on this team is QB!I can live with the 2 point try but we have absolutely NO talent at QB! Their RS frosh QB is getting better after 3 starts where our 2 guys have not improved at all in their almost 2 years!

Anonymous said...

Guess you didnt watch Umass Football from 98-2000 and from 2004-2008. Don brown made a living blitzing on 3rd down. Won a national title, runner up in another and won several conf titles. do us a favor and dont play coach you have no clue what your talking about.

izy1 said...

it is what it is
one thing that needs to be said is the TEAM played 4 quarters hard. Offense and Defense played hard. were there mistakes? yes. should two short boots made it through the post, again yes.
Some comments on Doyle are a bit unfair. The kid moves when he can, and how many 1st down saves did he get? more than most when forced to move from the pocket.
Would have been nice if he made that last pass. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Chuckie should have taken a sure bet for the OT play. Maybe the results would been a W. Give the team credit for a hard played game. GO UMASS

Anonymous said...

bring back kevin morris!