Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday--October 28, 2013

Blog News: I received an e-mail from Feedspot , which is a Google Reader replacement. They offered me a free subscription because people were signing up as followers of the UMass Football Blog. If you're looking for RSS reader PC Magazine has ten other options. Feedspot had a good review on Techcrunch, but I probably won't take them up on the free subscription offer.

This is a good time to mention again that I receive no compensation whatsoever for writing the Blog. Nothing. Nada. The UMass Athletic Dept kindly allows me to attend their functions and sends press information. I've never had an e-mail from any of the coaches. I've repeatedly turned down advertising offers for ads on the Blog. Google has their own integrated ads that would pay me for clicks originating on the Blog. The UMass Football Blog has never had ads and never will.

UPDATE: This a portion of an e-mail I received at 1:55 pm today:

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Western Michigan 2014 recruits react to the Broncos win over UMass on Twitter.

The Broncos are currently #1 in 247Sports class of 2014 MAC recruiting rankings and UMass is #6.


Matty V. discusses UMass is closing in on the NCAA attendance threshold. He also has notes from the Western Michigan game, which includes the kicking situation.

This is a cut-and-past from a continuing thread over on the MAC BBS.

Weeks 1-9 Average
22,872- Ohio
22,458- Northern Illinois
21,819- Buffalo
19,728- Miami
19,130- Kent State
18,767- Toledo
18,589- Akron
18,580- UMass
18,533- MAC Average
17,381- Central Michigan
16,656- Ball State
16,604- Bowling Green
16,166- Western Michigan
5,442- Eastern Michigan

Note that the NCAA counts tickets sold not actual people in seats. Buffalo counted 18,000+ for the game against UMass. I was there in the rain and if there were 5,000 people in the stadium, I'd be surprised.


Keepers College Football Ratings has NIU 29.2 favorite over UMass.

Las Vegas has Northern Illinois by 23.5. Seeing NIU scored 59 points on Eastern Michigan last Saturday while we were losing to one of the worst teams in the country, it would seem logical the Huskies will cover the spread with ease.

Is there a mistake in the Vegas line? 33.5 would more likely. Typo?

NIU is currently ranked #17 in the BCS rankings. NIU is likely the highest ranking FBS team ever to visit UMass. Jordan Lynch is also a Heisman candidate  Probably Doug Flutie was the the last Heisman candidate to play on UMass' home field.

Lynch threw for four TD's, ran for another and caught a TD pass in NIU's blowout of Eastern Michigan.

Huskie WR Tommylee Lewis had 187 total yards of offense last Saturday.

Minutemen fans will get to see both the NIU team and Jordan Lynch next Saturday at Gillette. If NIU runs the table and receives another BCS invitation, UMass would receive a financial windfall from the Bowl revenue. Last year as a "provisional" team, the UMass Athletic Dept did not get a share.

Even with their killer offense, the Huskie defense has been improved this year.


Victor Cruz suffered an injured neck in the Giants victory over Philly.



vetteson said...

As aptly put, it is what it is. They are who they are. No one is going to be fired, no magical change is going to occur, there is very little to expect from here on out. I would, however, suggest starting Woodley, if he is really healthy. His play on the last drive was very encouraging. He's our best recruit, play him. Otherwise find someone who can kick with some confidence. It seems to me that the current kid has lost all confidence.

Anonymous said...

I was listen to Coach Molnar press conference after the game and was extremely shocked with his thought of why go for two points. There are more capable kickers out there than at any other position that would love to play for Umass. We have not had a decent kicker in many years.
He said that " Western Michigan is a good team" ! I think I can speak for most of everyone who was at that game , Western Michigan is a horrible team! No team who is 0-8 is a good team! I have and will always support our players and whatever coaching staff we have however I do believe change is needed. No excuse for us not able to beat a winless team at home .

Anonymous said...

Wake up man he's getting fired. Have you seen the winter workout video that was posted. PR nightmare for the state and look at his record. That will sink him similar to mike rice. That being said I have no issue going for 2. Best chance to win the game.