Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday--October 24, 2013

In our 1 1/2 years in FBS UMass has taken its lumps so far. Saturday, we get our first chance to return some favors. Western Michigan put it on us last year 52-14 . This year, the winless Broncos visit Gillette. The Minutemen generally play pretty decent at home. Let's win the game and guarantee a better record for our second year. It's Homecoming and I'm hoping for a good Alumni turnout. The weather looks promising so far. Cooler, but clear. I for one, could use a little payback.


UMass has its game notes for Western Michigan up.

So do the Broncos.


Dan Malone has a feature on Trey Dudley-Giles. At the Buffalo game, UMass fans were yelling for Trey to run one back,  that being our best chance to score.


The UMass website has a Q&A with UMass offensive lineman Matt Sparks.


Western Michigan's Kirk Nakama convinces their beat writer to try Spam musubi. Hawaiians like Spam. It's available on restaurant minus out there.

This article features LS Nakama.

Dareyon Chance and Corey Davis of Western Michigan both had 100 yard+ games against Ball State last week.


Central Michigan adds home games against Syracuse and Oklahoma State.

The MAC Report Online has its Week #8 Power Rankings.


In a first for college football, four female officials will work a DII game.


John Kenny image
Brandon London uses the straight arm in the Larks win over Hamilton.

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vetteson said...

Maine is turning out to have a terrific year. Scored three touchdowns against Northwestern (a little less than the 24 against us), but NU scored 30+ where we got only 14 (with 37 minutes possession time). Good for Maine. But, when we scheduled them, they were struggling and it was deemed a safe victory for UMass. Well guess what. As I said back then, don't schedule FCS teams, period. That loss has done more damage this year than anything else.