Friday, October 04, 2013

Friday--October 4, 2013

The Bowling Green News says the Falcons close a three game home streak against the Minutemen.

The Boston Globe says UMass is looking for a fresh start against Bowling Green.

The Toledo Blade reports Dave Clawson is not overlooking the Minutemen.

The UMass Daily Collegian says UMass is looking to build off a bye week against Bowling Green.


The Kennett High School marching band will be performing at the UMass Band day on October 12th. The director of the KHS band Therese Davidson is a former drum major of the UMMB and her brother  was Captain of the UMass football team.

UMass Band Day info. Note that the date is a change from the previously announced November 2nd.

The UMass Band Parents site has images and video from the UMMB's show at the Maine and Vanderbilt games.


The Hustle Belt Blog says the 0-4 Miami Redhawks and the 1-4 Central Michigan Chippewas meet in "The Desperation Bowl".


Old foe Appalachian State joins the Sun Belt Conference in 2014 and may include some MAC teams in its OOC schedule.


Despite the Government shutdown, Boston College-Army is on.


Hakeem Nicks could learn a lot from Victor Cruz.


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Anonymous said...

Defense should be commended on a valiant effort.

Offense is offensive and needs to be corrected immediately. This can't continue. Poor football teams score more than 7ppg.

Simplify the plays, shorten the playbook, do what it takes. Change it because this ain't working and you won't fill seats scoring 7ppg.

Branchflower, Sharpe and Woodley are capable players, utilize them as such. I find it hard to believe Molnar was a very good OC. Isn't doing much with decent talent.

If this continues much longer, it will be the death of UMass football.