Monday, October 07, 2013

Monday--October 7, 2013

Bulletin, Bulletin, Bulletin: Keeper's College football ratings has UMass a 9.81 favorite over the Red Hawks. That's probably the first time ever the Minutemen have been favored over an FBS team.

Vegas has UMass by 3.5.


Coach Molnar does not want another quarterback competition. The article says A.J. Doyle was still being bothered by his ankle injury. Doyle went 4-17 20 yards LONG 7 yards in Saturday's game.

Jimmy Kelly of Hustle Belt says UMass has a quarterback conundrum (wish I thought of that phrase).

Jetta Fraser/Toledo Blade image
Coach Molnar is really, really proud of Jamal Wilson. This is the type of article that makes me believe that UMass is making progress. Wilson can play. Lorenzo Woodley, a highly rated recruit has been nicked up from day one. Stacey Bedell ran well against a couple of BCS teams. Daquan Mack, a 6-1 255 pound fullback is waiting in the wings. Those guys have gotta be a good as any backfield in the MAC.

Justin Anderson had a good game for the Minutemen against Bowling Green. He had 3 UT 2 AT 2 TFL and 2 SACKS.


Miami (Ohio) fires Don Threadwell after a 0-5 start.

Dan Malone also has an article on Threadwell's firing. The Redhawks faced a pretty tough schedule including Marshall, Kentucky, Illinois and Cincinnati. Miami gave up over 50 points in two of those games and 41 against Kentucky. The Miami offense has only scored 44 points this season.

Bryan Vance of Hustle Belt comments on Threadwell's firing.


The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports Miami cuts ties with Treadwell and Akron and Kent State look for rays of light.


That ray of light has been avoiding Victor Cruz and the Giants.

Michael Cox did not get any carries even though the Giants lost another RB against the Eagles.



vetteson said...

Injuries galore, lack of depth, and so on.....

If neither QB can produce offense over the next several games then it is absolutely imperative to find a transfer or get one of the freshman ready for '14. The QB issue is really hurting the team.

Gregg Clements said...

32Unfortunately, I think vetteson is correct.

The QB's we have are more suited for 1-AA/Div. 2 competition. These kids have a hard time making even the most basic of throws. The QB position is lagging behind all the other areas of the team. However, QB is the most important position to be strong in when it comes to being competitive. No QB means no chance.

Molnar is making me nervous. He stated before the season that Wegzyn was "light years" ahead of where he was last year. Anyone that has watched him play can see that is not the case. That statement makes me wonder about everything else he has said about the improvement of the program.

Wegzyn gives great effort and he obviously has a great work ethic and attitude but he just does not have FBS talent. Same thing goes for Doyle. Until we can get a kid that can at least make the simple throws and not make horrendous decisions with ball we are going to spin our wheels, no matter how much the rest of the team is improving.

Gregg Clements
Class of 1992
Season Ticket Holder
CL07, Row 4, Seats 1-4

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder has CM ever had a good offense mind? Looking over his past won lost record makes me wonder. His record as offence coordinators is: Won 74 lost 177..
Then working under Brian Kelly ups his record to: won 133 lost 197.. Kinda explains out scoring problems...

izy1 said...

ya know, reading the articles in this post(particular the one on the so called QB Competition)it seems that Chuckie Molnar does not know what he's doing. Who is calling the plays? If the QB can't connect on an assigned play (repeatedly an excuse), doesn't that usually mean the coaches aint coachin'? Another Oh and 5 coach bit the dust, time to wake up Chuckie-your name may be next.