Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday--October 20, 2013

No images from Buffalo. I had some camera trouble so I left my digital camera at the hotel. It was just as well as the predicted "showers" varied through the game from a steady drizzle to a frog-drowning downpour.

Sometimes in life what you do is not rewarded. That was the case for the UMass defense who played another spirited and gritty game. Nine of the Bulls 33 points were given up by the UMass offense. The Minutemen "D" held the Bulls to 4-14 first downs and had bad field position all day. The defense finally tired in the fourth quarter.

The UMass offense was terrible, led by A. J. Doyle. He struggled all day to get the play off. UMass took two time outs in the first half to stop the play clock. The Minutemen promptly took a sack after the time out on both of them. Doyle threw a pick-six, fumbled the ball to stop another UMass dive and took a delay of game penalty on a third-and-one that killed another. The lousy playing conditions did not bother Buffalo; they had no fumbles and no INT's.

To top everything off, Rob Blanchflower was ejected from the game for taking a swing at a Buffalo defender.


Dan Malone mentions some of my points in a halftime summary from yesterday. He should have been sitting out in the bleachers with the about 30 UMass fans who made the trip, if he wanted to experience ugly.

He says UMass was undone by sloppy play and and miscues.

The Hampshire Gazette says mistakes did in UMass.

The Boston Glove reports UMass lost its way.

MassLive says Buffalo managed to disrupt UMass' play calling.

The Buffalo News says the Bulls went deep to defeat UMass.

CBS Sports says Buffalo routs UMass 33-3.

The Buffalo News said Khalil Mack lived up to expectations.


MAC Conference results from yesterday's games.

Ball State kept next week's UMass opponent Western Michigan winless.

They had a moment of silence at the UMass-Buffalo game for slain EMU WR Demarius Reed.


Wisconsin blew out Illinois.

Vanderbilt stunned # 15 Georgia.

Maine beat William & Mary to remain undefeated in CAA and FCS play.



izy1 said...

sometimes the best words are left unsaid.....a disappointing loss.
Blanchflower eject was clearly caused by unnecessary provocation by UB. UB player should have been removed as well. Blatant face mask violation on Doyle not called and subsequent loss of play and yardage. The opposing teams keep getting through to the QB, when are they going to close that hole? Doyle passes into double coverage again, he needs to read the field better.

Anonymous said...

The offense makes these games very difficult to bear. Two delay of game penalties on routine first quarter plays demonstrates that this offense is too complex for the players to execute. Many other plays started with only a few seconds on the clock. Turning point in the game was a pick six on a third and two....can't we just line up and run a straight forward play????? Seems like a simpler strategy is required.

Noel E. said...

Sounds pretty pathetic from play calling to clock management to on-field play. Not much to look forward to other than possible coaching change.

NES said...

The consequence of this continuing debacle should be obvious! Change is needed.

Anonymous said...

Change is coming, but not until the end of the season...Offensive play is horrendous and unacceptable, especially when we supposedly have a former FBS offensive coach as as our head coach. Delay of game penalties, poor play calling and being unprepared for certain scenarios is what he has given us so far.