Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sunday--October 6, 2013

I'm seeing improvement------ but not at quarterback.

Yesterday, the UMass defense did everything that could be asked except score. They were on the field 19.05 minutes in the first half.The Minutemen had three sacks and forced five punts. The defense had six TFL. Justin Anderson had two of the UMass sacks.

To be fair, I don't know if Doyle's injury was still bothering him, but it looked as if UMass took the ball out of his hands a number of times with conservative play calling. The Minutemen quarterbacks combined for a 44% completion average 3.84 yards per attempt and a 81.45 quarterback rating.

Bowling Green's QB's went 13-22 216.3 yards 59% completion rate 9.8 yards per attempt and a QB efficiency rating of 186.5.

I see us adding talent from recruiting. However, I think we need to look at a fifth year senior or JUCO QB for next year. Granted, Doyle had one big drop that would have increased his numbers, but again it looks to me that the QB position is lagging the team in the  improvement curve. You know I love all the UMass players and want them to be All-Americans. We just aren't getting the level of play from the quarterback position we need.


UMass' write up on the game.

Bowling Green's write up here.

Minutemen DE Kevin Byrne was held out of the game in a "non-football" issue.

Dan Malone says UMass falls to Bowling Green 28-7.

MassLive reports Jamal Wilson made an impression.

Dan Malone says the UMass "D" was ground down.

The Hampshire Gazette says the UMass defense faded and the offense never arrived.


All the MAC results and scores from the league website. Check out  the points scored against the losing teams.

The MAC claimed another BCS scalp with Ball State beating Virginia.


Vanderbilt got crushed by Missouri.

Oklahoma State scored late to edge Kansas State.

The University of Maine continued to be on a roll as the Black Bears hung 62 points on Delaware.



izy1 said...

I agree 100% with that analysis Frank. Defense gave them a hard time, even the Bowling Green coach said it coming off the field at halftime.
Doyle did OK, but just could not hit the receiver (usually short)or just bad passing. Wegzyn was no better. Many times throwing a pass into double coverage.
All in all, there WAS IMPROVEMENT in the team. Wilson was solid.

Anonymous said...

Obviously having Byrne out of the line up was a big strain on the defense. Especially with the year he is having,they definitely would have allowed less points against. I wonder why the drama about his status. I was told by his friend that he is sick and nothing more. So, lets hope this is true. Can not afford to lose him.

Anonymous said...

I really think you guys need to reevaluate the meaning of "improvement". They played Vandy tight for about 3/4 of the game, and they played BG tight for less than 1/2 the game. That's not the definition of improvement, and neither is scoring a total of 7 garbage time points. Next week's "Stupor Bowl" between two 0-5 teams will show us if there's any pride, desire, coaching or ability in this team.

Anonymous said...

I also agree. Defense was superb and took the crowd out of the game but there was no spark to the offense and the game became increasingly painful to watch. Either a new QB or a new offense is necessary and I doubt the latter will happen.

Anonymous said...

To: Top row Fan,

Who do you think you are, if Mr Frank chose not to post your comment of any other comment for that matter its his decision! Stop being a spoil brat, besides most of the time you are WAY off base. Mr Frank you are doing a good job because I would have blocked him by now. STOP CRYIN MAN!

izy1 said...

Your analogy in your THURSDAY, OCTOBER 03, 2013 Post was almost least UMASS scored points on the board this time out, lets hope for the Miracle in Miami

Anonymous said...

FYI the crowd they took out was 13,000+. UMASS will be is already drawing similiar crowds with an 0-5 team. Charley needs to lighten up on the exaggerations and bulk up on a playmaker or two. He does not need to wait for year 4, as he may only see year 3. Just ask the Miami coach. I agree UMASS is improving, just not on offense. Tweak the game plans, run some more and pass to the flats more. AJ Doyle,when hesalthy can be a pass run threat.